5 Year Journal Easy Memory Making

With the new year fast approaching it's time to start thinking about resolutions and such.  One thing that I have always enjoyed doing but have never made a priority is journaling.  Starting in 2017 I want to keep up with it.

10 Christmas Songs You Need to Listen (and Dance) To Now

Let's face it, there are only so many Christmas songs and then there are about a million variations of each one.  Plenty of them are very slow and perfect for snuggling up by the fire under a blanket with hot cocoa and your sweetie by your side.  But realistically we like to listen to Christmas music more often than the two nights a year we might actually do that!  Here are my pics for Christmas songs that you can get up and dance to!  Because who doesn't need a little dance party every once and a while, especially during the holidays?

Florida Fall Puffer Vest

Skincare Routine for your Mid Twenties

They say your skin changes in your twenties.  I haven't seen drastic changes (TG!) but I do feel like my skin fluctuates more than it used to.  At certain times of the month... my skin gets more oily and blemishes appear.  Usually I would say I have normal skin (aka not dry, not oily) and around my nose is definitely my problem area.

Make the Vest of It

Gilmore Girls Viewing Party Must-Haves

If you've been over to my Facebook page or seen my Instagram story in the last few months then you know I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls.  Like I'm watching the series for the fifth time obsessed (and making the hubs watch it again too).  I feel emotionally attached to this series, it's been with me through a lot of my life!  So when the new episodes were announced I rejoiced!  November 25th is fast approaching and I can't wait to binge watch all the episodes.  Though I want to try my best to control myself and not watch them all in one day... we'll see how that goes.

Look Chic, Be Comfortable - Major Sales!

4 Inexpensive Beauty Tools that Save You Time

Whether you're rushing to get to work, get the kids up, and/or make yourself some semblance of a breakfast, none of us really have a ton of time to primp and get ready for the day.  Here are 4 inexpensive beauty tools that will save you time!

Things to do in Chicago - Day 3

Planning a trip to Chicago?  Read below for some ides of what to do while you're in town!

White Denim and Layers - Chicago Flamingo Wall

The Insta-famous flamingo wall just so happens to be in Chicago!  I did not know this when we were planning our trip but once I discovered it was in Chicago I found out where it was and it was only a few blocks from our hotel!

Trend Alert: Fall Florals with Sloane Ranger

One of the biggest (and my favorite!) trends this fall is florals!  You probably don't think of floral patterns when you think of fall but with the right color scheme it totally works and it totally pretty and feminine which I am always a fan of!

Blush Pink and Booties - Chicago Day 2

Chicago day 2!  Our second day in the city was a Monday and probably our busiest day of the trip.

Chicago Day 1 - Architectural Boat Tour

Brian and I are back from an amazing trip to Chicago!  It was our first trip together since our honeymoon and his first time to Chicago.  We had a really great time and I want to remember the details and also share some of the great things to do there in case you're planning a trip of your own!

Cold Shoulder Top and Pop of Pink

Fall is coming in hot!  Literally!  As a Florida girl I just don't care about the no white after labor day rule, and jeans and scarves are still months away.  Hopefully there are a lot of you who can relate and will appreciate a style post that still works for 85 degree+ weather! :)

Products Seen on Bloglovin' Snapchat Takeover!

Hello hello my friends!  I hope you are enjoying/did enjoy my takeover of the Bloglovin' snapchat!  Don't forget to follow me on snap for more fun times!

How To Set Goals and Stick To Them

Do you have a laundry list of things you want to do in this life that only seems to get longer as time goes on?  As we get older we all get busier and adult life kicks us in the butt until all we can seem to do is go to work and watch Netflix on the couch until it's time for bed only to wake up and do the exact same thing tomorrow.  Depressing much?  I want to talk about setting goals and sticking to them.

It's easier said than done, but let's give it a go together, shall we?

Strappy Dress and Heels | Disney's Boardwalk

One way I like to start transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall is to start introducing darker colors into the mix.  This strappy spotted pink and black dress with these summery black heels does just that!

The Ultimate Guide to your Wedding Registry

A big (and fun!) part of the whole wedding experience is gifts.  Maybe a few engagement gifts, shower gifts, wedding gifts.  #allthegifts  As with anything wedding even something as fun as presents can be overwhelming, but this guide is here to help!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Purchases

ICYMI - The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale started this morning!  I was up and at my computer at 8AM clicking refresh just in time to be #4000 in line - with about a 15 minute wait to get into the sale.  Not too shabby if you ask me considering I refreshed on my phone .2 seconds after my computer and was #19,000 with over an hour wait.  Yikes.

Lilly Pulitzer Sale + JORD Women's Watches

Little known fact about me - I love watches!  Not so little known - I love Lilly Pulitzer!  So I'm really excited about this post since it's two of my favorites together.

10 Things I Wish I Knew as a College Freshman

I can not believe that I started college 6 years ago.  That is crazy to me!  As I look back on my college years there are a lot of things that I would like to tell myself from the beginning:

Wedding Wednesday | Reception Recap

After all the months and months of planning you finally get to your wedding day only to spend the entire morning on edge while getting ready, praying the day goes as planned.  Then you spend an hour (if you're Catholic) in the spotlight on the most emotional day of your life in front of every single person you love and care for.  STRESSFUL!  So to say I felt a weight lift off my shoulders once I got to our wedding reception is an understatement!

wedding reception

Off the Shoulder Tops Under $20

In case you haven't been on Instagram all summer, off-the-shoulder tops are kind of a thing right now.  I haven't had owned one before but after seeing everyone jumping on the bandwagon, I decided to join in the fun - and I love how it worked out!

Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Portraits + A Free Download

I've shared a lot of pictures through all my Wedding Wednesday posts (check them out here) but wanted to share my favorites of the portraits.  Hope you enjoy!

Blogging: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Wanted to write this post because lately I've been feeling a little bit down.  I recently shared my blogging plan and have been proud of myself for really sticking to it the past few weeks!  The bad news is that I feel like despite my increase in content, my page views just aren't what I thought they'd be and my Instagram follower number isn't where I want it to be.  That being said, let's get into the dirty deets.

White Summer Dress

Finally a fashion post!  It's been so crazy lately I've been sporting paint splattered shorts and free college t-shirts most of the time working on our house so my outfits haven't exactly been picture worthy #reallife

The First 5 Things to do After Getting Engaged

Once the blur of excitement from being engaged subsides and the reality of planning a wedding hits you like a brick wall, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Having a Pinterest board with your whole wedding "planned" out is an okay first step, but in reality inspiration boards don't do you a ton of good.  But don't worry!  I've got the first steps you need to take lined up right here for you.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

If you don't know, I love me some Instagram!  You've probably read about having an Instagram "theme" for your account.  Good articles on that here and here.  My "theme" is all about light and bright.  All white everything, bright colors, and clear pictures.  How do I achieve this look on all of my posts?  Keep reading.

Wedding Q&A

I wanted to make this Wedding Wednesday a little less about me and a little more about Y-O-U!  I asked you on Instagram and Facebook what kind of wedding questions you had and now I'm going to answer them!  I'm not a certified wedding guru by any means but I had a completely DIY wedding (as in no wedding planner, every single thing was figured out/done/styled by me, my mom, and my fiancĂ©) so I know at least a little.  Hope these answers can help at least one person, then I know I did my job :)

Affordable Area Rugs - Under $100

7 Things That Went Wrong With My Wedding | Wedding Wednesday

You can't recognize the good times if you never have any bad times.  If you're planning a wedding then you've probably had many a person tell you that SOMETHING will go wrong at your wedding.  So today I am sharing my "bad times" of wedding planning and what went wrong on the big day itself, so that someday when I look back on this blog diary of mine I can appreciate how wonderful everything was despite the inevitable bumps in the road.  Also to give any brides-to-be reading this re-assurance that it will be OKAY!

Why Bloggers Should Be On Snapchat

Calling all bloggers!  Are you on snapchat?  Not just do you have the app, but do you put stories out there for your audience to see?

Catholic Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Wednesday

As promised last week, I am going to share about our ceremony today!

Blogging Plan

As I often do on Monday mornings, today I found my mind wandering around the thought of my blog's future.  I don't want my blog to slowly fade into the black, and lose all of my hard work from the last almost 2 years.  As I sat at my corporate desk job, I thought about the freedom I could have if I just got my blog in check.  I often think about this and get 'lightening bolts' of inspiration and motivation like "yeah I got this, gonna work my butt off but I'm gonna be a full time blogger by this time next year!".  A few minutes later I find myself back on the couch, watching HGTV and mindlessly scrolling through  Instagram.  I'm finally ready to make the commitment - something has to change.  Don't get me wrong, I have a great job, but for anyone who loves blogging, you know the dream of doing it full time is always there!

Wedding Wednesday | Getting Ready

Don't forget to check out all of my wedding posts!

This week I wanted to share the morning of my wedding, getting ready before the ceremony.

Blondes in Yellow

Some people love when blondes wear yellow and some people hate it.  I say wear what you want regardless of your hair color!  But I do love a blonde in yellow, its so sunny and fun!  What do you think?

24 thoughts on my 24th birthday

This post isn't for the page views or the followers, the likes or the shares, this one is for my memories and for something to look back on someday to remember this time in my life!

How to Have a Successful Sparkler Exit

One thing I really wanted at my wedding was a sparkler exit!  All the pictures I have seen look so beautiful and I knew I wanted some of my own!  For as many of these awesome shots as you see on Pinterest you would think it was normal to do, but a ton of reception spaces don't allow them!  So before getting your heart set on sparklers, make sure your reception space is a-ok with you having them.

Hot Pink Pants, Leather Vera Bradley + Discount Codes!

Ya'll! I think this might be my most favorite outfit ever!  It's a little bit nautical, a little pop o' pink, and a lotta bling bling!

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Weekend Recap | Interview with Gregory Arlt

This weekend was JAM. PACKED!  It seems like a long weekend because of how much I did but it also flew by!  It started Friday night at Mall at Millennia at the MAC Technique event.  I had the opportunity to interview the speaker, MAC's Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt!

I'm Blue (da ba di da ba dye)

Wedding Wednesday | Pin-spiration to Reality

We all dream of the perfect "Pinterest" Wedding, and I have to say, I feel like I had one!

100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt | Simply Chickie

DIY Unique Wedding Table Numbers | How To Tutorial

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  Today I want to share one of my favorite DIY's from my wedding - our table "numbers".  I say "numbers" because we actually had table letters.  Each person found a letter next to their name instead of a boring old number like everyone else.

This will change the way you Instagram

One of the biggest bummers about Instagram is that if you have multiple accounts its a pain in the butt!  Log in, log out, log in, log out - awful. 

instagram, instagram algorithm

Wedding Wednesday | Our Wedding Video

Welcome to the Wedding Wednesday series!  I didn't start this series while planning my wedding because I am a girl who loves surprises and I wanted every thoughtfully planned detail to be a surprise for all of my guests.  But now I've been married for over 3 months (how in the...?!?!) and have shared all the photos and videos with my close friends and family so now it's your turn blogosphere!  Every week I'll share a detail from the big day.

Everyone always talks about their wedding day being the best day of their life and let me tell you - it is!  I wish we could do it all again!  The day is such a flurry of emotions - nervousness, happiness, bitter sweetness when you're dancing with your dad, and pure joy having all of your loved ones in the same room, all there just for you.  There really is nothing like it!

To kick off the series I'd like to share our wedding highlight video!  Hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

Hair Brush Straightener Review

Have you seen one of these before?  It looks like a (semi) regular hairbrush but it works (kind of) like a straightener. It's a hair brush straightener!

Pretty in Pale Pink | Pantone Color of the Year

Okay okay I know the official color of the year is Rose Quartz (which actually is the exact stone in this necklace).

I love when people do looks all in one color so I decided to try it out myself!  In my favorite pink of course!

The Makeup Palettes You Need in Your Collection

You all know how much I love makeup so I figured I should share some of my favorite palettes with you!  Some of these may no longer be available but similar things are or will come out again around the holidays - so don't worry! 

First things first (I'm the realest) is my everyday must have - the Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers!  8 of their amazing bronzers in an adorable little book!  I literally use this every single day and I love having the variety to choose from!  My favorite shades are Milk Chocolate and Pink Leopard, it gives SUCH a gorgeous glow to your face.

Next is this blush palette from Benefit.  This one came out for the holidays but I'm confident it will be back next year because they had a similar one two years ago too.

I love the Hoola bronzer in here too.  My favorite blush shade is Rockateur, it goes really well with my skin tone.  The mini Watts Up! that's included is a super bonus too.

This one is definitely still available and so affordable!  It's the contour palette from e.l.f.  I LOVE the shade in the bottom right corner.  It is truly perfect for contouring - looks really natural. The top right shade is great for "baking" (keeps your contour sharp) and the top left shade is a subtle highlight.  I usually like a ba-BAM highlight but use this one from time to time when I'm attempting subtlety ;)

At $6 and with a giant mirror you really can't go wrong.

Lastly we have an eyeshadow palette from Too Faced - the original Chocolate Bar!  This smells so legit and makes me smile every time I open it!

I love warm, golden tone shadows so obviously this is perfect for me.  I also have the bon bons palette which is great too but I picked this one to feature because it is my go to!

Soooooo... tell me what your favorites are!  I always need something new to try!

P.S. Guysss I found the little book of bronzers!! Check it out below!

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO, Katie