How to Have a Successful Sparkler Exit

One thing I really wanted at my wedding was a sparkler exit!  All the pictures I have seen look so beautiful and I knew I wanted some of my own!  For as many of these awesome shots as you see on Pinterest you would think it was normal to do, but a ton of reception spaces don't allow them!  So before getting your heart set on sparklers, make sure your reception space is a-ok with you having them.

Hot Pink Pants, Leather Vera Bradley + Discount Codes!

Ya'll! I think this might be my most favorite outfit ever!  It's a little bit nautical, a little pop o' pink, and a lotta bling bling!

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Weekend Recap | Interview with Gregory Arlt

This weekend was JAM. PACKED!  It seems like a long weekend because of how much I did but it also flew by!  It started Friday night at Mall at Millennia at the MAC Technique event.  I had the opportunity to interview the speaker, MAC's Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt!

I'm Blue (da ba di da ba dye)