Fashion Friday - Maxi Madness

Happy Friday - or as it is appropriately referred to on Instagram "Fri-YAY"!

It is starting to get cooler {finally} but still not really that cold.  So a strapless maxi is still perfectly acceptable!  And how could I say no to black and white chevron?

I just love how this maxi is chevron on the bottom and solid on the top.  Sometimes maxis can be too much for me but the way this one is broken up plus the button details made it perfect for me!

 Show were gladiator-esque sandals, they went up to just above the ankle.

Necklace is from Guess.

Oh and did I mention I got it for $12?  Thank you JCPenny sale rack + coupon!

Leave me a comment with your favorite maxi!

P.S. how amazing is 1989?  Comment below if you agree!

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My Favorite Quotes - 9 Inspirational Quotes

Get ready for some inspiration! And maybe a few laughs too :)

I am always finding great quotes on Pinterest - I have a whole board of them!  Finding inspirational quotes is always the best - especially on those hard days where nothing seems to go your way.

Hope you enjoy these and head over to my Pinterest board to see all of the original sources!

So without further ado and in no particular order - here we go:

This one helps me out whenever I'm feeling down about reaching my goals.  Just gotta keep goin'!

Just found this the other day - exactly when I needed it too.  Love when that stuff happens :)

 Ok, so not a quote.  But hilarious. And true.  Seriously people use your deodorant - it's common sense!

Just perfection. Sheer perfection.  I try to keep this in mind on those hard days.

How can you not love this one?  First of all it's pink and gold... and cheerful!

 Love it!  'Nuff said.

Ok let me tell you how true this is.  I am a very honest, often blunt person.  And people don't always love that but the truth will set you free - so I'm going to continue to say it!

Oh the memories!  My best friend gave me something similar to this in high school, before we both had boyfriends, and it helped us to understand why!  So if you're out there hoping for some guy to look your way - don't settle!  Just wait for the right one (my BFF and I are both happily taken!)

Another shout-out to my girl!  Leave me a comment if you agree!  Except I would change one thing about this quote - take away the 'sometimes' :D

I hoped these made you smile!  Leave me a comment with YOUR favorite quote or tag me in a pic on Instagram!

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume {Couple Costume}

Halloween is less than a week away if you can believe it!  So if it's come up quickly on you and you're still trying to find that perfect costume for a party then you can stop searching now and read below!  This costume could not be easier (or cuter!)

Get all DOLLed up as... Barbie! (see what I did there?)

This is so simple because all you really need is a pink dress!  Anything else is just a bonus :)

My dress is from Bloomingdales and it is from the brand Aqua (my absolute FAVORITE brand! More on that some day...)

For my makeup I used this picture as a guide:

I didn't want mine quite as extreme so I toned it down a bit.  The key is the pink and purple eyeshadow in the crease and a light pink or white shadow on the lid.  Plus a pink lip!

I straightened my hair since Barbie pretty much has long, straight hair.  I also tied a light pink silk scarf around my neck, it just seemed Barbie-ish!  My shoes were cream kitten heels.  If I was not already 5' 9" I would have worn pumps, but since I am so tall I don't even own any!

I think these ended up looking really great with my outfit.

The finishing touch on this costume is the name tag!  Just print this picture out, cut out the name tag and pin it on!  So simple and really completes the look!

If you're looking for a couple's costume then this is so easy!  Grab your guy, throw him in a button up shirt and pop the collar.  With a name tag he'll look just like a Ken doll :)

We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (Re: free candy!) and I can't tell you how many "Awwww" and "Look! Ken and Barbie" comments we heard!  Such a simple costume got so many sweet comments!

Share your pics with me on Instagram!  Happy Halloween!

Fashion Friday - Purple and Blue Hues

According to the calendar it is fall, but according to the Florida sun it's still summer!  So I have to find ways to look ready for fall without dying in the heat!  I chose to do this by wearing a summer dress in fall colors.
This dress is from Francesca's Collections and I. Love. It!  If you took it apart you would find a strapless blue dress and a sheer floral top as an overlay.  The top actually has a light purple-pink color background.  It is hard to tell these details in pictures but in person they really make the dress.

My accessories were all purple and blue too!  My bracelet is a one-of-a-kind, made by my grandma :)  She actually has made me a lot of jewelry so you may be seeing more from her in the future!  My watch was a gift from my boyfriend.   I had been eyeing it for a while and he surprised me with it on Valentine's Day.  The clutch is also a one-of-a-kind... made by me!  Get yours here.

 My earrings (which I apparently did not get a close up of) are Kate Spade - my fav.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more outfit ideas!

I also just created a Facebook page last night! Head over and give us a like if it suits your fancy.  Happy Friday! 

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I've included a few fall dresses for warm weather since the dress I'm wearing is no longer available.


DIY Tutorial Glitter Clothespins

Who doesn't need  a little more glitter in their life?  Follow this simple step by step tutorial to add some sparkle to today.

First gather your supplies.  You will need clothespins (any size will do, mine were shorter and chunky-er than the classic clothespin), paint, mod podge, brushes, and of course glitter.  Head to the bottom of the post for easy links to what you need!

Decide which color combo you think will look best.  I had silver, gold, and black glitter and decided pink would go perfectly with any of these (let's face it is there anything pink doesn't go with?).

Paint the inside of the clothespin with your paint.  This step isn't really necessary but why not add a pop of color when you get the chance?

Next coat the outside with a thin layer mod podge (one side at a time) and sprinkle glitter on top.  I used another brush to spread out the glitter but if you want to use a different technique then go right ahead!  Make sure you really do use just a think coat of mod podge or you may end up with a goopy mess.

Repeat on the other side.

Finally you'll want to use some glossy spray to make them extra shiny and also help keep the glitter at bay!  If you skip this step be prepared to have fingers full of glitter every time you use the clothespin.

Let that dry and you're done!

If all of this sounds a little too sparkly for you, just head over to my Etsy shop and pick up a pack.  These are already sealed with a top coat so you can glam up your room or desk while you stay relatively glitter free ;)

Now figure out where you want to use these pretty babies!  Stick a magnet on the back and use them to hold pictures on your fridge, stand them up on your desk for decor, keep papers together and in style!  The choice is yours and you can't go wrong with glitter.  Share a picture of yours with me on Instagram - just tag @sugarspiceandsparkle - I'd love to see what you created!

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