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2021 Word of the Year

Two years ago I chose a word of the year, and though its meaning ended up taking a different shape than what I'd planned for it, that word ended up carrying me through two of the hardest years of my life. 

Since I ended up relying heavily on my word of the year through many different stages of life I decided it was time to pick another word for 2021. I may be a couple weeks late but it took me this long to figure out exactly what I needed my word of the year to be and what exactly it was going to mean to me. 

Life Lately

Typical me *comes up with huge, unrealistic expectations for myself* *fails miserable at achieving them*. I knew blogging daily or close to it wouldn't last long, it's been over a month since my last general life happenings post, but it is what it is! Life is absolutely crazy lately and by the time both girls are in bed the only energy I have left goes towards tucking myself into bed. 

Is a Cricut Joy a Good Holiday Gift?

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