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Gift Guide 2021 | Low Toxic Life Gifts That Matter

As we enter the full blown holiday season you will see influencers and brands going absolutely nuts to try and convince you why you need this Amazon sweater or more Tula skin care. Let me drop this truth bomb for you: you don’t need any of it. I understand that gifts can be just for fun and enjoyment, but the consumerism of this season has gotten completely out of control. This may be a controversial take but this year more than ever my family and I will be focusing on the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus Christ! Since culturally we do exchange gifts, I thought why not give gifts that could actually improve and enrich the recipients’ lives? 

Operation Christmas Child Fundraiser 2021

I am so excited that we are heading into the holiday season! After the last two holiday seasons being really hard and just not the best, I have a lot of hope for this year! One thing I have been wanting to focus on is giving back. Even during uncertain times we are so blessed and as Avery is getting older and able to understand more and more I want to show her how important and wonderful it is to give to others.

Mom + Baby Must Haves | Fall 2021

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Something that has become a real problem for families is the vast number of products available today. For ourselves, for our kids, for our homes, there are now a seemingly endless number of products on the market, all of course claiming to be the best for you. I love partnering with BabbleBoxx because it gives me the chance to test out and review a number of brands and products, and share my honest opinions with you. I hope you enjoy learning more about the brands below!