Make the Vest of It

Dress (similar fit) // Vest (similar) // Shoes
Purse // Bracelet // Necklace (only $23! + 20% off with Sugar_20)

What do you think of my 'punny' post title?  I thought it was quite clever ;P But really what is fall without all the vests?  A girl can't have too many!  As much as I love a cozy puffer vest it simply isn't cold enough here in Florida for those just yet so I opted for the army green utility vest.  It's lightweight but adds a touch of fall to the look.

My dress is an old one from Old Navy but they're still selling on with a similar shape.  Being tall I appreciate that the one is a little longer than what you can find at Forever 21 or the like.  My shoes are from DSW and are under $25! A steal for cute flats that go with just about everything. 

I purchased my Calvin Klein bag at TJMaxx when we were in Chicago.  Something I like to do on trips is buy something a will actually use and love instead of a cheesy souvenir.  I've been using this bag all season and I'll always remember it came from that trip!

I've got an oxymoron for you - my necklace is a subtle statement.  How can it be you ask?  Well its a statement in size but subtle in that it adds a nice texture to any outfit but doesn't overpower.  I love that about it.  I also love that you can take 20% off the already great price of $23 with code Sugar_20!

Sometimes a simple outfit can have just as much WOW factor as a fancy one.  What vest are you dying to wear this fall?

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie     

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