DIY Unique Wedding Table Numbers | How To Tutorial

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  Today I want to share one of my favorite DIY's from my wedding - our table "numbers".  I say "numbers" because we actually had table letters.  Each person found a letter next to their name instead of a boring old number like everyone else.

I knew that I wanted to have something unique for our tables, I'll take you through my inspiration journey :) I came up with the idea of having those $1 wooden frames from Michael's (you know the ones, right?) with a picture of me and my boo in each one along with a number glued to it.  So off to Michael's I went, coupons in hand of course, to gather my supplies.

Well when I got home and showed my mom the plan, she thought the numbers I'd picked out were too small.  So we went back to the store and they had no numbers that were going to work.  They did however have these big black cursive letters that intrigued us.

How could I use letters though?  We didn't have 26 tables so would we just end the alphabet at K?  Just pick random ones and hope no one noticed?  Nope!  I came up with the idea to have each letter stand for something (ex: J is for Junior Prom) and write up a little story about us for each letter.  Then I took it one step further since I already had those wooden frames and decided to have a picture to go along with each story.

Let me tell you this was not exactly an easy task - we needed 14 stories for 14 tables!  Luckily after 7 years of dating we had a good amount of material :)

Everyone at the reception LOVED the idea and once they figured out each table had a story they went around to read them all.  I was so happy it all worked out!

On to the how-to!

Step 1: Spray paint the frames gold.  Once they dry use a glitter top coat to make them sparkle!


Step 2: Pick out your pictures and write your stories.  This will help you determine what letters your need to buy.  Remember - you can only use each letter once!

Step 3: Paint the letters, if necessary (ours were already painted) and hot glue them onto the frames.

Step 4: Put the appropriate picture in the frame.

Step 5: Type up your stories and print them out on card stock.  Make sure whoever is setting up your reception knows that the story has to go with the correct frame/letter.

Step 6: Enjoy!  They look WAY more expensive than they were and like I said, they were a real hit with the Guests!

unique table numbers tutorial

diy wedding table numbers

You can see how it looks on the table below:

gold wedding reception

Well, what do you think?

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO, Katie

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