Best 5 Free Social Media Marketing Tools

We all know and love social media, well at least we think we do.  But there are SO many tools, services, lessons, websites, etc. out there to help us.  It can be overwhelming to know which ones are actually a good use of time and which are not really value-adding.  There are great articles, like this one, that try narrowing it down for you - but it can still be too much!  I went through the list and picked out my top 5 (in no particular order).  5 is reasonable right, easy enough to click through and check them all out in a sitting?  I hope you agree and find this uber useful!  Feel free to Pin It for future reference.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation + Primers | MUFE Review

If you haven't noticed by now, I really love makeup.  I constantly consider starting a YouTube channel to try my hand at that whole deal, but so far haven't gotten up the guts for it.  So for now this is what you get, which is still pretty good because I want to tell you all about some awesome Make Up For Ever products I recently had the chance to try!