DIY Nautical Glitter Pendant Banner | Tutorial Tuesday

Living in a dorm room can really get you down if you don't do it right.  You've just got to make your space (small as it may be) pretty and personalized.  My dorm room has a nautical theme because, well, what better theme is there?  Check out this post for more details and nautical DIY projects.

Today I added something new to my room and I think it is my best decoration yet!  I am in love with it and it was so easy to make and I hope you love it too!

Here is what you'll need to make one:

You can of course choose any scrapbook paper you'd like, to fit your theme and color scheme (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!).  My one requirement is that at least one sheet MUST contain glitter!  :)

2 of my sheets were 8.5" by 11" and the others were 12" by 12".  So first we'll deal with the 8.5" by 11" sheets.  Fold it in half, as we used to say in kindergarten, "hamburger" style.

Unfold it and then fold "hot dog" style.  Open it back up and fold the edges into the center, basically fold each half in half.  Hopefully the next few pictures will help you understand what I mean:

Now unfold it and draw lines on the folds, then draw the pendant shape, as seen below:

If your paper has a pattern like mine, make sure that it will be in the right direction in the end.  Sadly 2 ended up with upside down anchors, but there was really no preventing that so I decided to make 4 of each pattern moving forward.

Now onto how to deal with the 12" by 12" sheets.  But first let's admire this glorious Hobby Lobby find.  A full sheet of glitter, I mean honestly, this makes me so happy!

*Look away from the shiny object* Ok so anyways... You'll want to take one of your extra flags and use it as a template.  The glitter paper is not exactly fold-able so this is the method you've gotta use.  Just line it up with the edge best you can and trace around it.  Since this paper isn't patterned, we'll be able to use all of the triangles.

Next cut them out.  Be prepared to have glitter everywhere.  Just embrace it and wait until the very end to attempt clean-up.


 Next we need to punch the holes.  I used some quick measurements to roughly mark holes on each flag, try to make them consistent but you don't have to be perfect with it.

After that step you should have a pile like this:

I'm seriously making that my phone screen, that is a pile of joy right there I tell you!  Glitter, anchors, and chevron - oh my!

I found this pretty gold string like thing at Hobby Lobby.  You never know what you're gonna find in there, am I right?  But any who, any string will work really, but shiny gold is always best if you ask me!  Lay out the order you want your pendants to be in, or go crazy and string them randomly - actually no, please don't do that, that is actually not ok with my OCD...

So after you lay them out in order just string them up!  I made it so the gold string was in the front of each pendant, if that makes sense, because I wanted to be able to see it.  If your string is less than stellar you may want to string them in such a way that it won't really be visible.  Totally up to you!

Then hang them and admire your work!  That's the best part!

If you want to see how I made those cork boards, click here! And here!

Please please PLEASE share yours with me if you make one!  Tag @sugarspiceandsparkle on Instagram!  I would love to see your results! 

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for next week's Tutorial Tuesday.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and take time to relax and count your blessings - I know I don't do that often enough! <3 

Blanket Scarf {Fashion Friday}

If you go on Instagram then you've heard of the now famous blanket scarves that are insanely popular this year.  I was a skeptic at first just because it seemed like everyone was jumping on that bandwagon, but now that I have one I want more!  So comfy!!

My scarf is a black and pinky-tan color plaid, it was sent to me by Francesca's - they have this thing called #FranLove and they randomly pick customers to send gifts to!  What a genius way to build customer loyalty!  I was already a loyal customer but now I'm for sure not going anywhere! :)

I paired my scarf with all black to make it the focus of the outfit.  Sweater is American Eagle, Jeans Forever 21, and Boots are Steve Madden.

Watch is Geneva, Bracelet you can get here!

Share your blanket scarf #ootd with me on Instagram!  Just tag @sugarspiceandsparkle

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*this post is NOT sponsored - I am simply sharing my outfit with you! :)

Wish List For You and Your Besties | Francesca's Collections

We've made it to the best time of the year!  The holiday season is upon us!  You probably want to find the perfect gift for your BFF and everyone is probably asking you what is on your wish list too!

Well I am here to help!  Have you been to a Francesca's?  If not you need to find one and go now!  I like to think that I was shopping at Francesca's before it was cool and I still can't go to the mall without stopping in.  Its basically an amazing boutique with amazing prices!  Plus if you're like me and drag your boyfriend with you to the mall, they have tons of fun gifts that even the guys are interested in!  Giving you plenty of time to browse the fabulous clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags.

And so onto my list!

Lynda Printed Sweater Dress - I love the print on this dress!  Plus the trim on the hem and sleeves gives it dimension plus a pop of color!  

Rosia Sequin Dress - If you have a party to go to then this is the perfect dress!  Just the right amount of sparkle and fancy.  I bet that thing twirls like nobody's business too!

Marie Printed Bow Dress - It's pink and has a bow on it.  'Nuff said.

Quinn Solid Turtleneck Sweater - Has anything ever looked more cozy?  I love wearing white in the winter, it just makes things look even softer somehow.  This would be a great sweater to layer or wear alone - simply classic.

Manhattan Faux Leather Leggings - It seems like everyone has a pair of faux leather leggings this year - except me!  That must change because these are so chic and add great texture to any outfit!

Immena Riding Boot - Two-tone riding boots are to die for!  I must get this pair!

Wittman Statement Necklace - Just darling!  I love subtle statement necklaces - excuse the oxymoron, but you know what I mean, right?  Some necklaces make a STATEMENT.  And others, like this, make a statement too, but in the classiest way possible :)

One of my favorite things about shopping at Francesca's is looking at their wall plaques behind the register.  Some of the sayings are inspiring, others funny, and some are just plain cute.  You gotta go and check those out - they're the best I tell you!  Here are a few I love from their website:

Sparkle Plaque - This is kind of my mantra so... yeah, must have this.

She Believed She Could Burlap Wall Decor - New Years Eve is just a few days after Christmas, so why not start with those resolutions a little early?  You got this, girl!

Nail Polish Tree Trinket - Pick up this cutie for everyone on your list!  It comes in an ornament and you can't get cuter than a Christmas gift that comes in an ornament.

I might've heard that Francesca's will be having some great deals on Thanksgiving (online only), Black Friday AND Cyber Monday!  So get your list together now - let me know in the comments what your favorites are!

And one more cute sign for the road, just in case your family is like mine and you'll be spending a lot of time together over the holidays:

Thank you Francesca's for sponsoring this post and for being my all time favorite store!

How to Change Your iPhone Keyboard | Kiwi App

Ever feel like it's only ever Monday?  School has been CRAZY busy these past few weeks and time has been flying by - every time I turn around it seems to be Monday again.  But to help cure your Monday blues this week I have something special to share!

How many hours of the day are spent looking at your phone?  Now be honest. we all want to say, "maybe one, not sure... hehe" but you know it probably adds up to a scary high number.  You can change your background, change your lock screen, and obviously you can change what you're looking at.  But never before have you been able to change your keyboard, well now you can!

Check out the Kiwi app - if you haven't already that is.  With Kiwi you can customize your iPhone's keyboard in so many ways.  From adding colors and photos to changing the font, you can customize your keyboard and use it all the time!

Check out the keyboard I created:

The cute font and bright colors make using my phone even more fun than before!!

 Click here to download the app now! It is FREE!

If you're reading this on your phone (and have the app), click here to get the Sugar Spice and Sparkle keyboard.

Have fun creating!  Share your keyboards with me on Instagram, just tag @SugarSpiceandSparkle

Outfit details: Sweater: Ann Taylor, Jeans: Forever 21, Bow Bracelet: Sugar Spice and Sparkle

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Style Icon - Kate Middleton {Fashion Friday}

Fashion Friday usually consists of one of my ootd's but there's this little thing called life going on outside the blogosphere and this week I just didn't have one second to take good pictures for you guys! So instead I will share a few of my favorite looks from the always classy and classic Kate Middleton.

I love so many things about her - her fashion obviously but also the way she carries herself!  She is a class act and those can be hard to find these days.  She is always smiling and proves that happy girls really are the prettiest.

She's just like the rest of us and loves to layer!  Rocking the blue hues here - perfection.

More layering, and she even rocks the rain boots!  Casual yet chic.

The girl can rock a casual dress too!  Who else can make a plain, tan dress look that good? Who?!

Have you ever seen a DVF wrap dress look this good?  Plus what celebrity actually wears things again, recognize the shoes (first pic)?  So relatable despite the fact that she's royalty!

I love how she takes the simplest clothes and makes them look stunning!  No crazy "bling" going on like the rest of the people on the red carpet - just classic beauty!

And finally:

How can you write a blog post about Kate and NOT include that picture?

The internet is blowing up with those awful nude pictures of Kim Kardashian - the polar opposite of classy*.  I'm tired of hearing about Kim and Kanye, Beyonce and Jay Z.  I'm moving to England so this is the only couple I have to hear about!

I hope any girls out there currently looking up to today's "celebrities" can shift their eyes over to a much better role model.  Let's go back to walking, talking, and acting like ladies! {and dressing}

*Don't get me wrong, I love to 'Keep up with the Kardashians' like any one else.  But these latest pictures are seriously turning me off like never before - thoughts anyone?  Comment below!

**All pictures are from Pinterest!  Check out this board for all of the original sources:

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