Gilmore Girls Viewing Party Must-Haves

If you've been over to my Facebook page or seen my Instagram story in the last few months then you know I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls.  Like I'm watching the series for the fifth time obsessed (and making the hubs watch it again too).  I feel emotionally attached to this series, it's been with me through a lot of my life!  So when the new episodes were announced I rejoiced!  November 25th is fast approaching and I can't wait to binge watch all the episodes.  Though I want to try my best to control myself and not watch them all in one day... we'll see how that goes.

In the mean time, prep for your viewing party!  Make this night an event, whether you're watching alone or with friends, it's something to be celebrated if you ask me!  So, here's what I think you need to make it happen:

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- Poptarts of your favorite variety
- Pizza - one of the main food groups
- Red Vines, just imagine if Rory and Lorelai had Amazon Prime!


- Coffee coffee coffee in a Luke's diner mug
- Martinis - Lorelai's drink of choice at Richard and Emily's house


- In Omnia Paratus poster because we all dream of being in the Life and Death Brigade
- Stars Hollow themed coasters to set your coffee mugs on of course
- A Yale pendant banner
- Books, you know there were always tons of books around the Gilmore house


- Gilmore Girls bingo - found this one free on Pinterest
- Try to only talk in sarcastic and humorous remarks ;)
- Before starting the revival episodes, everyone must declare which team they are on - Dean, Jess, or Logan.  Personally I have and always will be team LOGAN!  Dean is a whiny little beyotch and Jess is an annoying punk who causes Rory nothing but pain!  Comment below which team you're picking.

What to Wear

- Jean Jacket - I love the look of this one
- Plaid skirt a la Chilton
- Headbands, a staple for the Gilmore Girls in the early days

Well what do you think?  What are your plans for the revival premier?  Don't forget to comment below with Team Dean, Jess or Logan!  And as always,

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie

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