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As I often do on Monday mornings, today I found my mind wandering around the thought of my blog's future.  I don't want my blog to slowly fade into the black, and lose all of my hard work from the last almost 2 years.  As I sat at my corporate desk job, I thought about the freedom I could have if I just got my blog in check.  I often think about this and get 'lightening bolts' of inspiration and motivation like "yeah I got this, gonna work my butt off but I'm gonna be a full time blogger by this time next year!".  A few minutes later I find myself back on the couch, watching HGTV and mindlessly scrolling through  Instagram.  I'm finally ready to make the commitment - something has to change.  Don't get me wrong, I have a great job, but for anyone who loves blogging, you know the dream of doing it full time is always there!

I'm writing this post as a form of accountability for myself, to make sure I'm not letting you guys down!  To everyone who is reading my blog now or has in the past - Thank you!  I will always be grateful for those who loved me when I was small :)  I want to grow though!  I want to reach more people, and start providing more value to my readers, be it blogging advice, style tips, wedding inspiration, or just ranting about life.

The way I got through college was with little lists all over the stinking place of small, achievable goals.  I was so organized during finals, I always had a well laid out plan with actionable steps to follow.  Why did I think I could just wing it when it comes to blogging?!  So.  Here is the plan I currently have in place and am going to start implementing now (well this post will be posted Monday night instead of Monday morning, but, forgive me just this once!).


New posts Monday and Wednesday mornings
Mondays will be fashion, life, beauty, or blogging related, Wednesdays will be wedding related until I run out of things to share for that (which may never happen becasue I love wedding talk!). I want to have this schedule for me and for you - so we all know what's coming.  I can plan ahead, and you can wake up twice a week excited to check out what's new on the blog! ;)

Instagram posts every night Sunday through Thursday
I try (and usually do) post every single night to Instagram. I want to take Friday and Saturday nights off from this because 1) I feel like engagement is low then anyways and 2) I want to focus on my family during those nights and not worry about social media.  When you give yourself a break you usually do better work because you're not burnt out!

Share blog posts on Facebook (Mon. and Wed.)
I do this now when I post a blog post and want to continue to do so.  I have over 100 likes on my Facebook page and that definitely needs to increase!  I'm hoping consistency will help me grow.

Share others' blog posts that I love to Facebook Tuesday and Thursday
I love the idea of spreading love through the blogging world. I am constantly finding amazing blog posts and I want to start sharing them to my Facebook fam!

Add 'click to tweet' to blog posts
I think this feature is so cool and I always use it when I'm reading a good post, so why not add it to my own?  Its a super simple way for readers to share your posts.  Click below if you want to share this post :D

Tweet: Dreams don't work unless you do! Create a #blogging plan today!

Start scheduling social media posts
I NEED to do this. I usually have my pictures ready to go but the times I don't usually result in a less than stellar quality post.  I only want to post high quality stuff and actually get a handle on that whole Instagram theme thing, so scheduling is my goal!

Comment one thing you do to keep your blog on point so I can have more goals to set for myself once I accomplish these!

One more thing - Snapchat!  I've already started this one, I post quite a bit now on snap and I really like it, I love watching snap stories and so I figure, hey, maybe people will like to see what I'm up to too!  So if you do, check me out at katielamb19 (<-- click to add me!).  I'm hoping to grow my #snapchatfam

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie

Update (one day later): I wanted to add to this post what my current social stats are so that I can see how this plan works! If it does, that is...
Instagram: 9383
Twitter: 88
Facebook: 147
Pinterest: 420
Avg. Monthly Pageviews: 2.5k

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