Skincare Routine for your Mid Twenties

They say your skin changes in your twenties.  I haven't seen drastic changes (TG!) but I do feel like my skin fluctuates more than it used to.  At certain times of the month... my skin gets more oily and blemishes appear.  Usually I would say I have normal skin (aka not dry, not oily) and around my nose is definitely my problem area.

Make the Vest of It

Gilmore Girls Viewing Party Must-Haves

If you've been over to my Facebook page or seen my Instagram story in the last few months then you know I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls.  Like I'm watching the series for the fifth time obsessed (and making the hubs watch it again too).  I feel emotionally attached to this series, it's been with me through a lot of my life!  So when the new episodes were announced I rejoiced!  November 25th is fast approaching and I can't wait to binge watch all the episodes.  Though I want to try my best to control myself and not watch them all in one day... we'll see how that goes.

Look Chic, Be Comfortable - Major Sales!

4 Inexpensive Beauty Tools that Save You Time

Whether you're rushing to get to work, get the kids up, and/or make yourself some semblance of a breakfast, none of us really have a ton of time to primp and get ready for the day.  Here are 4 inexpensive beauty tools that will save you time!

Things to do in Chicago - Day 3

Planning a trip to Chicago?  Read below for some ides of what to do while you're in town!