Bridal Shower Outfit + Details

A few weeks ago I had my bridal shower!  It was such a fantastic time with great friends and family.  I wanted to blog about it to share with you all but also to have a sort of journal entry about it so I can always remember the details.

First up - outfit details!!  This GORGEOUS French Connection dress was perfect for the occassion!  The top is beautifully beaded and the skirt is covered in organza.

"It spins!"

My earrings are from Kate Spade and were a special purchase for the day!  Ok fine, the dress was a special purchase too...

My best friend and maid of honor hosted my shower at her house.  She had so many cute decorations and pictures of me and my boo all over the place!

The colors were black, white, and pink; similar to my wedding colors black, white, and gold!  On that day there were 63 days to go, now there's just 1 month left!  Crazy how fast time is going!

We played several different (luckily not too embarrassing!) games, talked, ate, and opened gifts during the shower.

Almost all of the ladies of both families were able to attend!  That meant SO much to me that everyone cleared their schedule for little 'ole me!  I am so lucky, blessed, fortunate, and happy that I have such loving family and friends!  I would put up all the pictures but I know certain family members may not be thrilled to see themselves on the internet (talking to you moms and grandmas!) but hopefully these girlies will be okay with it:

Me and my bridesmaids!

Thank you SO much to all of my favorite people who came to my shower and made me feel so loved!  You are all loved right back <3  And an extra special shoutout to the best maid of honor EVER (she's on the far right in the bottom pic) for just being the best in all aspects of life, love you!

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XO ~ Katie

Gretchen Scott Designs | Work Wear | Neutrals

Isn't it the best when you discover something so great and you feel like none of your friends probably know about it yet and so when you tell them you are going to be, like, their hero?  Well thats how I feel right now as I introduce you to *drumroll please* Gretchen Scott Designs!

I first found this brand on Instagram and fell in love with their classic yet modern patterns and styles. I always describe my style as modern traditional (why yes that IS an oxymoron!) and this brand does it perfectly.

Since graduating in May, I have been in the professional world.  Now I thought I had a rather large professional wardrobe (especially for someone just starting out!) but after just a few months I feel like all I do is wear the same stuff each week!  So these two new tops were like a breath of fresh air into my closet!  I am just now realizing they are kind of inverses of each other - patterned top and plain skirt, then plain top and patterned skirt.  Funny!

Hope you enjoy these two examples of how to rock neutrals (oh and also enjoy the photos, somehow this shoot ended up being more outtakes than actual good shots #bloggerproblems)

Outfit #1

First up is the Boyfriend Shirt in Solstice.

I paired it with a tan pencil skirt and nude heels, making this top the clear star of this look!

I love the detail of every piece by Gretchen Scott, roll up the sleeves for stripes!  Pairing a really busy top like this with a solid shirt and shoes makes it office appropriate.

Outfit #2

I LOVE this skirt!  It is Aqua from Bloomingdales and it has pockets!! The only problem is I never had a great top to go with it, until now.

This ¾ length sleeve Grosgrain Heaven Blouse is so easy and can go with anything! I want it in every color, again the details are so stunning.

I love twirling in this skirt too!  Although twirling (or walking, standing, etc.) in heels is a challenge for me!

P.S. That whole thing about nude heels making your legs look long - TRUE!

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XO ~ Katie