Blogging: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Wanted to write this post because lately I've been feeling a little bit down.  I recently shared my blogging plan and have been proud of myself for really sticking to it the past few weeks!  The bad news is that I feel like despite my increase in content, my page views just aren't what I thought they'd be and my Instagram follower number isn't where I want it to be.  That being said, let's get into the dirty deets.

White Summer Dress

Finally a fashion post!  It's been so crazy lately I've been sporting paint splattered shorts and free college t-shirts most of the time working on our house so my outfits haven't exactly been picture worthy #reallife

The First 5 Things to do After Getting Engaged

Once the blur of excitement from being engaged subsides and the reality of planning a wedding hits you like a brick wall, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Having a Pinterest board with your whole wedding "planned" out is an okay first step, but in reality inspiration boards don't do you a ton of good.  But don't worry!  I've got the first steps you need to take lined up right here for you.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

If you don't know, I love me some Instagram!  You've probably read about having an Instagram "theme" for your account.  Good articles on that here and here.  My "theme" is all about light and bright.  All white everything, bright colors, and clear pictures.  How do I achieve this look on all of my posts?  Keep reading.

Wedding Q&A

I wanted to make this Wedding Wednesday a little less about me and a little more about Y-O-U!  I asked you on Instagram and Facebook what kind of wedding questions you had and now I'm going to answer them!  I'm not a certified wedding guru by any means but I had a completely DIY wedding (as in no wedding planner, every single thing was figured out/done/styled by me, my mom, and my fiancĂ©) so I know at least a little.  Hope these answers can help at least one person, then I know I did my job :)

Affordable Area Rugs - Under $100

7 Things That Went Wrong With My Wedding | Wedding Wednesday

You can't recognize the good times if you never have any bad times.  If you're planning a wedding then you've probably had many a person tell you that SOMETHING will go wrong at your wedding.  So today I am sharing my "bad times" of wedding planning and what went wrong on the big day itself, so that someday when I look back on this blog diary of mine I can appreciate how wonderful everything was despite the inevitable bumps in the road.  Also to give any brides-to-be reading this re-assurance that it will be OKAY!

Why Bloggers Should Be On Snapchat

Calling all bloggers!  Are you on snapchat?  Not just do you have the app, but do you put stories out there for your audience to see?