Our Babymoon in Clearwater Florida

Whew time flies! It's already the very end of the year and I'm finally getting around to writing this post - pregnancy will do that to you I guess!

Back at the beginning of November we went on our Babymoon!  I didn't really want to travel being pregnant and all so we took ~2 hour drive over to Clearwater beach - one of our favorite spots anyways!

2017 Year in Review and 2018 Look Ahead

Another New Year's Eve?!  Honestly, how is that possible.  Life goes by way too fast ya'll!  I realized I didn't even DO a post like this last year life was speeding by so quick.  Now I'm really sad about that so I am making sure that I do it this time around (even if I have waited until the very last minute to do so...)

I went back through Instagram, as that is kind of my life diary, and picked out some of my favorite memories from the year.  Hope you enjoy and have a very Happy New Year!

Jan - Started the year going to what turned out to be one of the best concerts I've been to - LOCASH at House of Blues with Brian and my Dad.

Pregnancy Expectations vs. Reality

As a woman pregnancy is probably the biggest risk you will take in your life, and you pretty much sign up to do it without any idea of how it's going to go.  Especially for your first pregnancy you don't know how your body will react.  Your first fear may actually be around if you'll be able to get pregnant in the first place (this was a big fear of mine!) or you may wonder if you'll end up with severe morning sickness.  If Kate Middleton can't escape then what can the rest of us expect?

Skincare Routine During Pregnancy

Navigating what products you can and can't use during pregnancy can be really confusing and frustrating if you're like me and love products and trying new ones all the time.  I wanted to share what my skincare routine has been in these 6 months of pregnancy so far and I'd love to hear any product recommendations you have too!

5 Tips for Dressing the Bump for the Office

Getting ready for work in the morning can be a daunting task when your belly is growing at a rapid pace.  Every day can feel like a new adventure when it comes to what fits and what doesn't.  Today I'm sharing a few tips and tricks on what has been working for me lately and where I've been shopping maternity now that I'm 24 weeks and definitely can not wear regular clothes anymore! 

Keep reading for all of my tips and links to shop the looks!

Gender Reveal Party | Baby is a ...

This weekend we finally found out the gender of our sweet little babe!  Keep reading to see all the details from our gender reveal party and see if Baby L is a he or a she!

Life Update + Announcement!

I feel really presumptuous starting this out "you might have noticed I haven't posted on the blog in the last few months" because truth be told you probably didn't notice at all!  But on the off chance that you did... I'm back, and here to tell you where I've been!

Body Confidence as a Fashion Blogger

Orlando Weekend Staycation + a Giveaway!

Resort Wear and Statement Earrings

25 thoughts on my 25th birthday

Wow - another birthday.  They seem to come and go at a far too rapid pace lately.  Birthdays are definitely not what they used to be - I'm not exactly excited each time they come around, I love being young!  I just don't want it to end.  But at the same time I'm so grateful to be turning 25 - as my Dad would say, it's better than the alternative!

Balancing Blogging and a Full Time Job + My Secret for Content Creation

Modest Crop Top and Shorts Outfit

One of the cutest trends right now is crop tops.  Luckily high waisted bottoms are also on trend to compliment them.  

I'm guessing there are other girls and women out there like me who consider themselves modest.  I'm not extreme about it in anyway - as you can probably tell from following along on my blog - but I'm not one for really baring my mid-drift either.

I also am larger up top which can make the whole crop top thing that much more difficult to navigate.  But when I came across these shorts at Bloomingdale's I knew I was going to have to give it a go in order to showcase the gorgeous detailing at the waist.

This side-tie crop top is great for so many reasons:
1.  The fabric is not stretch - so it isn't going to hug anything, which in this case is a good thing.
2.  It's a longer crop top.  I definitely still consider it a crop top but it is long enough to cover the girls and still hit at my natural waist.
3.  The tie adds just a tad extra coverage, plus it's super cute!

These shorts are a must have too because they're so stinkin cute but they're also the perfect length for those of us with thighs!  I feel like every store has shorts on models with really skinny legs and I find they never look as good on me as they do the model.  Which is fine, it's just nice to find high waisted shorts that are also long enough!  

My purse is a Kate Spade from a few years back, here is the most similar one I could find, though it is mostly white with blue accents (still adorable!).  But if you ever see a navy purse snatch it up because this thing is a staple in this preppy girl's closet!

Shoes are Jack Rogers jelly sandals - super comfortable and won't get ruined in the rain!  Though they are slippery if you do get them wet...

Ok - so - I want to know what you think of this look!  Are you somewhat modest like me?  Would you wear this?

Shop the Post

Patterned Prints for Summer

Casual in Cutoffs

3 Night Cruise on the Disney Dream

If you know me then you know my favorite way to vacation is on a cruise!  Wanted to share a quick re-cap of my recent three night cruise on the Disney Dream with you guys in case you haven't been on one yet and are wondering if you should go ahead and hit that "book it" button!  (Hint: you should!)

Kate Spade Pleated Drop Waist Dress

Neutral Navy | Off the Shoulder Top

To me navy is an absolute neutral.  It goes with everything and looks good on everyone.  You could consider it the 'summer black' because it is a bit brighter and softer.  

I am in love with this bell sleeve off the shoulder top from Bloomingdales (similar here and here)!  Off the shoulder (or OTS as you'll see on Instagram) has been on trend since the fall and I don't see it going anywhere for summer.  This top is special because it is truly navy.  I sometimes find it hard to find anything that is such a deep, rich navy.

The skirt is also from Bloomingdales (similar here), both pieces are from my favorite brand - Aqua.  The fitted style of the skirt makes it a perfect match for this flowy top.

My shoes are the Platinum/Gold Palm Beach Sandals, and my purse is a Kate Spade from a few years ago.  Last summer they had a very similar style but in pink!  Maybe navy will come back this year, or some other fun color!

I just had to share the last picture because as my husband and I were doing this shot the bird landed just so and it looks like we're talking - haha!  B says it looks like I'm Snow White summoning the animals!  

So - what do you think of navy?  Do you consider it a neutral or just a fun color to wear?     

April Instagram Roundup!

So as it turns out writing your February Instagram Roundup at the end of March doesn't give your March Roundup much of a chance.  But the past is in the past (#letitgo) and so we must focus on the now - which just so happens to be the end of April aka the PERFECT time to do an April Instagram Roundup #win

Quick note before we dive in - expect to see lots of new and exciting things happening around these sparkly parts.  And very soon, lots of awesomeness is in the works!

Often Overlooked Purple

February Instagram Roundup - February Favorites

Well if this post doesn't showcase my procrastination then I don't know what does - oops!  Ah, such is life.  I wanted to start a new series on the blog here - monthly Instagram roundups!  Sound good?  Lemme know what you think.  I want to do this monthly for two reasons:
1) so you can get a recap of everything I'm loving this month and
2) it will be a great thing to look back on to remember my life!

There's quite a few posts here so grab yo' self a snack and get to scrolling!

7 Shopping Tips for Tall Girls

Being a girl is so hard sometimes, am I right?  

I could write a whole post on that alone but right now I'm talking about height.  Short girls wish they were taller and tall girls wish they were shorter.  Both ends of the spectrum come with their challenges, but being 5'9" I'm here to help out my above average height friends today.

Instagram 20k Giveaway - Kate Spade + Makeup Bundle

Last week I hit a big milestone on Instagram - 20k followers!  This has been a huge goal of mine since the beginning and I can't tell you how overwhelming it is to know I have that many supporters.  I consider each and every one of you to be a friend and to say thank you I want to give you some of my favorite things!

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to the Sugar Spice and Sparkle newsletter (and who doesn't want awesome, sparkly content in their inbox twice a month?!) and follow on Instagram (which you might already be doing!).  You MUST enter through the widget below for your entries to count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once again, THANK YOU!  You following along on my little journey means the world to me, I can't wait to see where we go next!

Prize includes:
Kate Spade wristlet
Baies candle
Mini lipstick
2 pairs of Kate Spade earrings
Kate Spade bow necklace
Too faced mascara
It Cosmetics mascara
Mini beauty sponge
Lipstick pouch for your purse
Real Techniques brush set

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