Blondes in Yellow

Some people love when blondes wear yellow and some people hate it.  I say wear what you want regardless of your hair color!  But I do love a blonde in yellow, its so sunny and fun!  What do you think?

I just love this top (similar here)! It is so fun and so perfect for summer!

White shorts can be tough, but these cotton ones from Banana Republic are super comfy and cute with the side zipper detail.  These are no longer available online, but here are some super cute ones with scallop detail!  And only $40!

These sunglasses though *heart eye emoji* they are just so awesome! If you have a skinny face like me then you'll love how these fit!  Plus they're SO dark - perfect for protecting my eyes from the Florida sun!  Plus my all time favorite watch from Kate Spade.

Favorite white leather cross-body for summer right here!

Is the back of this top not the cutest?  Gotta love surprise stripes! 

Shop the look (top and shorts are similar to mine):

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie

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