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As promised last week, I am going to share about our ceremony today!

We got married in the Catholic church, as we were both raised Catholic.  We actually both grew up going to the very church we got married in.  I have a very special story to share about this, but I just haven't figured out the best way to do that yet.  More to come!

Any who, back to the wedding day!  We left off last week with me and my dad walking down the aisle.  I still can't believe that actually happened.  As a girl, you probably have dreamed about or at least thought about your wedding day for a long time.  You see other people walk down the aisle, and imagine what it will be like, but its just so crazy when you're actually doing it for real!

First the moms were seated.  My cousin, who's always been like a little brother to me, walked my mom down the aisle, since my dad was a leeeetle busy with moi!  He did such a great job even though he had never been to a wedding before and was a little nervous about walking down the aisle in front of so many people - I knew how he was feeling about that one!!

The the guys walked in and got in position.  All so handsome in their tuxes!

Next were the lovely ladies, including my Jr. Bridesmaid

Then it was my turn!  I was so nervous but at the same time I was so focused on making it down the aisle without tripping or stumbling, making sure I was smiling, holding my bouquet, seeing everyone who came sitting in the pews for the first time.  Gosh!  Such a crazy probably 30 seconds!

My baby was waiting for me at the end of the longest walk.  He looked so amazing and it really was an out of body experience to be the bride.  I guess I had just imagined it so many times that to actually be living it didn't seem real.  Our wedding day was our 7 year anniversary.  I'm so happy that the date worked out to be that way.  It just made it that much more special.  To think on that very day, 7 years before, we, at 16 years old, decided to start a journey together - little did we know it would be the never ending journey!

The two most important men in my life.  I would not be the person I am today without them.  They both make me 'me' in different but perfect ways.  I'm getting choked up just thinking about them!

One of the many unique features about our Catholic wedding was that we kneeled at the alter for the entire ceremony.  Which is an hour if you have never been to one.  Yes, kneeling, in a wedding dress no less, while trying to keep perfect posture since everyone is watching you, for an hour!  I guess they want to make sure you reeeeeeeeeallyyyy want to get married - lol.  Our wedding was close to Christmas so the church was decorated.  I was concerned at first about this but seeing the pictures, I LOVE it!  Christmas is the season I live for so having decorations as a part of my wedding just made it that much more special.

Is the picture above just perfect or what?  One of my very favorites from the hundreds we have from that day.

A Catholic wedding is not too different from a Catholic mass.  There's just a wedding part thrown in there and the homily is related to marriage.  One of my favorite parts was communion.  Anyone who is Catholic of course takes communion but everyone is invited to come up with their arms crossed (to signal they aren't receiving communion) and receive a blessing from the priest.  I was so happy to see that every single person came up and either got communion or a blessing.  I think it was just a special moment that people will remember from our day.  The faith and love in that room was tangible, the perfect start to our marriage!

Heyyy what you lookin' at there, buddy? Haha!  He loves his wife ;) Lol I'm sure it's not what it looks like, I just thought this picture was too funny not to share. 

When we went up on the alter to exchange our vows I know I was shaking.  It was that kind of shaking that you don't want to be doing but literally can't stop.  We both fumbled a word or two but overall got them right (score!).  In the church you don't have the option to write your own vows, but you can choose to have the priest say the vows and you repeat them (as I'm sure you've heard before) or you can memorize and recite them, which is what we chose to do.

"You may now kiss the bride!" 

It was the longest and shortest hour of my life all at the same time.  If I had to do it again, I would, even with the kneeling!  My favorite part about getting married in the Catholic church is the very fact that it is an hour.  There is so much meaning in the ceremony.  Many months before the big day we picked out every single reading, psalm, and song that would be used in the mass.  So to have it all come together was really personal and special.  It's something we'll never forget.

Walking out of there was like a big sigh, felt so good to have made it through.  I'm not one that minds being the center of attention, but even for me that was stressful!  All eyes on you for an hour!  I wanted to run out of there Duggar style but managed to restrain myself.  And let's be honest, I couldn't have run in that dress if I'd tried!!

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie

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