The Makeup Palettes You Need in Your Collection

You all know how much I love makeup so I figured I should share some of my favorite palettes with you!  Some of these may no longer be available but similar things are or will come out again around the holidays - so don't worry! 

First things first (I'm the realest) is my everyday must have - the Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers!  8 of their amazing bronzers in an adorable little book!  I literally use this every single day and I love having the variety to choose from!  My favorite shades are Milk Chocolate and Pink Leopard, it gives SUCH a gorgeous glow to your face.

Next is this blush palette from Benefit.  This one came out for the holidays but I'm confident it will be back next year because they had a similar one two years ago too.

I love the Hoola bronzer in here too.  My favorite blush shade is Rockateur, it goes really well with my skin tone.  The mini Watts Up! that's included is a super bonus too.

This one is definitely still available and so affordable!  It's the contour palette from e.l.f.  I LOVE the shade in the bottom right corner.  It is truly perfect for contouring - looks really natural. The top right shade is great for "baking" (keeps your contour sharp) and the top left shade is a subtle highlight.  I usually like a ba-BAM highlight but use this one from time to time when I'm attempting subtlety ;)

At $6 and with a giant mirror you really can't go wrong.

Lastly we have an eyeshadow palette from Too Faced - the original Chocolate Bar!  This smells so legit and makes me smile every time I open it!

I love warm, golden tone shadows so obviously this is perfect for me.  I also have the bon bons palette which is great too but I picked this one to feature because it is my go to!

Soooooo... tell me what your favorites are!  I always need something new to try!

P.S. Guysss I found the little book of bronzers!! Check it out below!

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XO, Katie

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