Lilly Pulitzer + Kendra Scott Beach Party

My family and I spent Memorial Day weekend at my favorite beach!  It was absolutely perfect weather, the ocean was 84 degrees, and there were hardly any clouds in the sky!

beach horizon lilly pulitzer for less

Right before we left I received this Lilly Pulitzer dress in the mail that I got off of Poshmark in the mail so I threw it in my bag last minute. P.S. I got this for $13 *shocked face* How amazing is that?  I get great deals like that all the time on Posh!  You have to check it out if you haven't yet - use code PHJEW to get a $5 credit!

One night my mom and I decided to go out to the beach for a sunset photo shoot!  The west coast of Florida is the perfect place for sunsets.

lilly pulitzer poshmark sunset beach memorial day

I LOVE this dress.  It is just perfect for summer, especially the beach.  It's so white and flowy.  I love pairing my monogram necklace with everything but I thought it looked especially great with this v-neck dress.

ruffle dress lilly pulitzer monogram

We were rushing out the door to get down to the beach before the sun actually set so I didn't have time to throw on this gorgeous Kendra necklace from my latest Rocksbox!  Boo!

I seriously love Rocksbox - they have all of the best Kendra!  I get Kendra Scott in all of my boxes, all you have to do is request online and your stylist will make your jewelry dreams come true!  Use code katiexoxo1 for your first month FREE!  You won't regret it - trust me.

free rocksbox kendra scott necklace white glass

What did you do for Memorial Day?

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XO ~ Katie

Lilly + Kate | 75% off Kate Spade

Whenever there is a new addition to the family it is an exciting time! 

Oh you thought I was talking about a person?  No, its my new Kate Spade purse obvi ;)

Kate Spade Lilly Pulitzer Navy and Pink

How gorgeous is this baby that I scored for 75% off?  I can't wait to carry this around!

Hot Pink Lilly Pulitzer Navy Kate Spade

Navy really is a neutral in my wardrobe.  I own so many things that work perfectly with navy so I am so happy to finally have a navy bag!

My dress is Lilly Pulitzer, anyone know this print name?  It is neon pink with pretty pretty flowers, I feel so bright and happy when I wear this one!

cutout dress lilly pulitzer kate spade navy bubbles

The cutout back is pretty awesome too.

Had to add a blooper for good measure #bloggerproblems ;P

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XO ~ Katie

Casual Campus OOTD

 As you know from this post, I graduated!! The day before graduation I went around campus with my boo for one last time.  And naturally I had to take some #ootd pictures during our final tour ;)

I wore what is now one of my favorite Aqua (from Bloomingdales) dresses.  It is so light and perfect for summer!  It's the perfect fit up top and just the right amount of flowy on the bottom.  The waistline is a lace cutout for a super feminine touch.

My sunglasses, while a little crooked, were just $2!  Totally worth it for some simple gold aviators - they go with everything.

The picture below is right outside one of our favorite study spots - not too sad about leaving that spot!

These steps lead into my major's building, I'll kind of miss that building, but when I go back in the future I'll definitely be visiting this area.

The main road through campus, I wonder how many times I walked/biked/road the bus up this hill?

If you're about to head to college, remember to enjoy every minute!  I took a picture like the one above each year I was there and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  College is the hardest thing you will do in your life so far (well maybe it will depend on your major, but I bet they're all pretty hard!  If you're doing engineering like me then you can trust me - it is hard!) but it is also a lot of fun.  Even those late nights in the library are some pretty good memories.  

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XO ~ Katie

Lilly takes Disney | Lilly Pulitzer Magic Kingdom

If you saw my last post then you know that my two favorite things are Lilly Pulitzer and Disney.  Well today I got to combine them once again!  I spent the day at the Magic Kingdom and I wore my resort white grid eyelet dress.

Lilly Pulitzer Disney Magic Kingdom New Hub

Of course I had my morning Diet Coke in a Disney mug :)  My necklace is from my latest Rocksbox (use code katiexoxo1 for a FREE month!)

We've arrived!!  The flowers are always so vibrant at Disney, especially at this time of year.

Magic Kingdom Train Station Main Entrance

First stop, castle pics.  It was exciting to see the new Hub today.  After seeing the construction walls for so long it was nice to finally see the results!

Magic Kingdom Lilly Pulitzer Dress Disney

The high was 95 today -_-  We got a little hot and sweaty!  What better way to pass the time in line than take selfies?

"I'm so glad I left my tower!"  Sadly this area is only a restroom, not a ride :/  But I'm pretty sure it is the prettiest bathroom area ever!

Walt Disney World Tangled Area Rapunzel Restroom

 Even though it was more crowded than expected, we got to ride quite a bit and had a yummy lunch!  Afterwards we hit the pool since it was such a gorgeous day!

perfect palm, palm tree, florida

More pretty flowers:

red hydrangeas, floral, flowers

What is your favorite thing to do at the most magical place on earth?

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XO ~ Katie

Lilly Pulitzer + Disney + Monogram Graduation Cap DIY

As you know I recently graduated! *cue dance party* 

In high school there were so many rules for graduation and no one was allowed to decorate their cap, well in college you could do whatever you wanted to, so of course I had to decorate the heck out of my cap!  In honor of it being the last 'project' for college I of course procrastinated ;)  So this was super quick and easy but turned out surprisingly awesome and perfect for me!

There are a few things I love in life, okay there is a lot I love in life, but in terms of my blogging/instagram-ing life what I love most are Lilly Pulitzer, Disney, and of course - monograms!

* indicates required

Before decorating your cap I recommend making a plan.  You pretty much have one shot with your cap so you don't want to mess it up.  Here is what I gathered up after deciding what I wanted to do:

- Of course my cap
- Pink scrapbook paper
- Printed Lilly pattern (chomp chomp)
- Printed Mickey w/ monogram
- A little *bling bling*

I pretty much winged it with cutting the hole in the middle.  I secured everything with spray adhesive (seriously a crafters dream!  Try it if you haven't already!).  I cut the bow out of the scrapbook paper to make Mickey into Minnie.

Well what do you think?!  How did you decorate your cap?  Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a tutorial on printing out a monogram from the computer!

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XO ~ Katie

Brand Rep Reveal

All I can say is wow.  Just wow!  I am soooo happy I decided to do brand reps again!  I have gotten so many amazing responses and amazing ladies who think my brand is special enough.  You have no idea what that means to me!  A huge thank you and cyber hug to everyone who applied and was so super sweet!

That being said, this was the hardest decision ever!  I wish I could just let everyone be a brand rep for me but since this a one woman show over here I just don't think I could handle that many.  Last time I had three brand reps and this time I just had to pick six.  I'm a little nervous to have so many but I absolutely could not decide!

The lovely ladies I have chosen are:

Allison  (@Allisonceleste_)
Rebecca  (@just.beccause)
Lily  (@mdpreppy)
Mikkaela  (@PastHopingFor)
Tif  (@brightonabudget)
Emily  (@breezingthrough)

Congrats girls!  I just can not wait to start working with each of you!  Please send me a DM on Instagram with your email address.  Click here to review the details of what being a brand rep entails.

Now, if you were not selected this time please don't be upset!  It was a very tough decision and I will select new brand reps again in the future.  Also, if I don't hear from someone I did pick, I will contact one of my next choices, so you never know.  

As a thank you to all of you, use code FRIENDS10 in the shop for 10% off!  

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XO ~ Katie

*The brand rep program can be discontinued or changed at any time.  Anyone who deliberately tries to scam the program will be excluded from it.  The program is meant to help build a community around Sugar Spice and Sparkle not for individuals to just get free stuff.