26 thoughts on my 26th birthday

Well, well, well... June 19th we meet again!  How in the world has another year gone by?  This is my 4th birthday post here on Sugar Spice and Sparkle, click here to read the last three!

If this is your first year here - welcome!  Each year on (or right around) my birthday, I write a post with essentially random thoughts so that I can look back and see where my head was at at each age.  It's really fun to do and something I would highly recommend even if you don't blog - get out a journal and write yearly.  My husband and I also write to each other each year on our anniversary.  I'm a very sentimental person and if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I reminisce!

Tips For Shopping Sites like SheIn, Romwe

We've all seen the ads for super cute, on trend clothes at amazingly low prices and thought - what's the catch?  Well technically there isn't a catch - the clothes tend to look like the picture, of course the quality isn't what you'd expect from a boutique or department store, but for the price it's decent, and shipping might take a little longer than your Amazon Prime orders, but other than that it's pretty legit!

Sites like SheIn and Romwe are great places to get trendy pieces without breaking the bank.