White Summer Dress

Finally a fashion post!  It's been so crazy lately I've been sporting paint splattered shorts and free college t-shirts most of the time working on our house so my outfits haven't exactly been picture worthy #reallife

But this weekend I finally got my butt in gear and took some awesome photos for the blog.  It was so much fun!  Despite the stares while taking photos I really enjoy it.  Hopefully I will make the effort to do more fashion posts like I used to.  So here are the deets. 

This clutch is so perfect for summer (or really anytime because hello, hot pink) and is from Kate Spade.  It actually holds a decent amount of stuff for a clutch!  The sunglasses are from Vera Bradley and they are so. cute!  Plus they are super dark which is amazing in the Florida sun!

My dress - you guys - it is $35 and just adorable and perfect.  The details are amazing and the fit is incredible.  The perfect combination of sexy and sweet, it will take you from Saturday date night to Sunday brunch.  It is currently on back order at Bloomingdale's, it says it will be back in stock though!

My wedges are also an amazing deal - $30!  They look adorable with summer sun dresses.  Truth be told I don't really wear heels so luckily my blog is still pictures and not videos because I can hardly walk in these.  I'm sure those of you more skilled than I will have no problems though, they seem pretty comfortable, though I didn't have them on for too long.

I hope you enjoyed the post!  Shop everything below.

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XO ~ Katie

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  1. I love this white dress and your wedges, so cute for summer!

    Rachel / www.seashellsandsparkles.com