24 thoughts on my 24th birthday

This post isn't for the page views or the followers, the likes or the shares, this one is for my memories and for something to look back on someday to remember this time in my life!

1. I can't believe I am 24, I used to think 24 was so OLD!  But I don't feel old!

2. I'm a real life adult - I'm married, I work, and I have a house - doesn't get much more adult than that.

3. As of today I have been married for 6 months and with Brian for 7 and a half years!  I literally can not imagine life without him.

4. Married life isn't that different than not married life. People ask "how's married life?" and I don't know what to tell them!  I mean, it's great!  It is just the same as before except now we're officially together forever.  I couldn't be happier being married!

5. I'm a homeowner!  I want to say "I never thought I would buy a house at 23" but I really can't, I mean I didn't know for sure but I always knew I wanted a house, a home.  And that's why I saved my money for my entire life so I can have a house already :) (I want to do a blog post on this)

6.  Renovations are hard but kind of fun. We're re-doing most of our house and it's been almost 2 months of reno so far.  It's tough to live in a construction zone but I'm so happy that we're making our house ours!  I can not wait to see it all done!

7. I want to grow my blog like nobody's business this year!  23 was the year of becoming an adult and I want 24 to be the year of becoming a full time blogger.

8. My dream is to be a full time blogger.  If I can make enough money blogging to keep up with bills and savings and all-a-dat through blogging then I would love to do it full time

9. I want to start a youtube channel.  Hopefully when I read this on my next birthday I will have had the guts to start up a youtube channel (and hopefully it will be doing well!)

10. I still love Taylor Swift but I'm kind of mad at her.  Her hair is too crazy and she broke up with Calvin Harris and moved on like the same day!  Hopefully she redeems herself with her next album.

11. Today we started installing our floors - finally!  I'm sure by my next birthday everything will be done up in here!  Hope so at least!!

12. Just realized I'm not sure I have 24 thoughts! lol

13. I started the 1 second everyday project, we'll see if I can do it for a whole year.

14. I wish I would have done that last year because we did soooo much! Got married, honeymoon-ed, bought a house, did reno projects, etc. Would have been cool to see.  But who knows what this year will hold!

15. I do what I want - I hope that never changes. I don't care what other people think (to a reasonable level at least) and I just do what makes me happy.  If it doesn't make me happy then I don't do it.

16. I still need my mommy.  Just because I'm all of a sudden an adult doesn't mean I don't need my mamma!  She is always there for me and I am so grateful for her.  We talk every single day and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

17. My favorite show is still Gilmore Girls, will anything be able to top that this year?  Maybe the new Gilmore Girl reunion shows coming out soon!

18. My favorite snack is Twistee Treat - if you haven't been you must go!  A twirl with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and butterfingers is my current favorite.

19. I still want 4 kids.  I really want to have a big family, with all my kids close in age. Not sure when we'll start, we probably need floors first :P But I'm excited to start our family!

20. I currently have 9455 Instagram followers - hoping to at least double that number this year.

21. My life is so good.  I thank God for it everyday and I never want to get too busy to remember that. With all the crazy events in Orlando this week, I am just happy to be safe and to have all my family and friends safe too.

22. Current favorite quote: If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money can't buy.

23. Just re-read the thoughts so far and they are so random!  But I'm not editing anything, I want to keep this post honest and true to whatever is coming to mind right now.  Maybe next year my thoughts will be more organized lol

24. Always remember what is important life and what is not, the needs vs. the wants, what will matter in 20 years and what won't matter next week.  I feel like I'm pretty grounded these days and I never want that to change. I hope I always keep a clear head and appreciate everything that God has given me and never change who I am!

Last birthday's post is here.

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