Work Week #ootd

I decided to take a quick #ootd pic every day last week so I could share an entire week of work outfits with you guys!  Let me know if you like this sort of thing and I can try to take better pictures in the future.  All though no guarantees - trying to take outfit photos at 7am isn't always easy :P

Monday: Classic black and white dress from Aqua, black Tahari flats, gold monogram necklace

Tuesday: Green lace peplum top from Express, tan pencil skirt, white flats from DSW, gold monogram necklace, and pink Kate Spade watch

Wednesday: Adrianna Pappel top, grey pants, navy flats, Kendra Scott druzy necklace, Skagen watch

Thursday: dress, black flats, necklace from Rocksbox, Skagen watch

You can get a free month of Rocksbox with code katiexoxo1 - it's perfect for us working women, your co-workers will think you have the largest jewelry collection!

Friday: Calvin Klein maroon dress, black flats, {can't tell or remember my necklace lol}

And that's that folks! I tried to link as many things or similar things as I could so hopefully you can find something you love! :)

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Blogger Feature Friday - Pretty Girl

Today I'm launching a new series!  Every other Friday I will feature a new blogger for you to check out.  I wanted to do this as a way to connect not only myself but also all of my readers with more bloggers and build a community of blogger friends!  I hope you enjoy!

Blogger Bio
I'm Kelsey, the blogger at a Pretty Girl. I'm a 20 year old college student studying biology. I'm a proud member of a sorority and have a dream of becoming a pharmacist. I've been blogging since high school but didn't make it known to my friends and family until this past January. I love fashion, cats, Grey's Anatomy, glitter, and the colors black and pink but not together. 

What is your blog name and why?
My blog name is Pretty Girl. I rebranded last year and my ex-boyfriend helped me come up with the name since he always called me his Pretty Girl. We are now broken up but I plan on keeping my blog name. 

What is your favorite thing to blog about and why?
My favorite thing to blog about is my personal opinions on things. Those seem to interest people and I get a great response from them. I want to start doing more blog posts on my personal style though. 

How do you take your blog photos?
I normally take blog photos on my iPhone because I don't want to buy a nice camera to be honest. I take the photos myself since I haven't really focused on outfit posts yet. 

What do you do when you're not blogging?
When I'm not blogging, I like to binge watch Grey's Anatomy, online shop, snuggle with my kittens, and waste time on social media. 

What is your favorite blog?
My favorite blogs are Rainboots and Retail and also The College Prepster. TCP is what influenced me to start a blog and I just love RRs style! 

Thank you so much Kelsey for being my first blogger feature! 

Make sure you check out Kelsey at 

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Totally wrote this yesterday but didn't get a chance to post - let's just pretend it's my birthday again :)

Wow it's my birthday again!  I swear I just turned 22 and now I'm officially 23.  That sounds so old.  I can't believe that I;m a full blown adult - who let that happen?

I want to write this blog post so that in a year I can read it again and see how far I've come (well here's to hoping I have progressed in a year)

Right now I am engaged, a college graduate, and a full time employed person.  I have a lot to be thankful for!  Some days it kind of feels like I am playing house and just pretending to be an adult and in a few months I'll go back to being a kid again...

To celebrate Brian is taking me to dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse and we are going to spend some time at Epcot!  I am really looking forward to it after a long day at work.  My team did bring me a birthday cake and some chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) during our lunch at Pei Wei.  It was so nice of them to celebrate me and my birthday even though I am brand new to the team!

My birthday wish (I know I am not supposed to tell you, but I'm a rebel!) is to start blogging regularly again.  Graduating and starting my job have caused me to be just a little busy lately and my blog has suffered a bit.  I promise I will start blogging a lot again ASAP!  I know life will never stop being busy so I just need to make blogging a part of my routine.  

Blogging this past year has been a joy and a blessing!  The relationships I have made and opportunities I have had thanks to this blog have been amazing.

One thing I know for sure will be true on my next birthday is how thankful I am for everyone who reads my blog - without you it would be pointless!  The friendships I've made through this blog (and Instagram!) are so unique and special.  Make sure you leave comments when you have thoughts because I read them and love them!  Let's see how many new friends I can make by next year :)

Taylor Swift was spot on (as usual) - 22 was miserable and magical.  I was definitely happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.  I wish she would write a song about 23 so I'd know what to expect!

Stay tuned for a post on my birthday outfit(s) and Disney trip recap!

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Instagram Round Up

Happy Friday, or Fri-YAY as it is lovingly referred to on Insta :)

I've never done an Instagram Round-Up before but I have been so busy with my new job (would we like a post on that? comments please!) I haven't had a ton of time to blog new material.  So here we go, enjoy!

Head over right now to enter my little giveaway!  I will be picking the winner tomorrow!

Instagram Giveaway!! @sugarspiceandsparkle

National Donut Day was last week so naturally I had to get one.  I had a coupon for $0.99 large iced coffee that I figured I might as well use while I was there.  Then I found out since it was in fact national donut day they were giving a free donut with any drink purchase! So I got a large coffee and a donut for $1.07 (b/c of tax) - boo-yah!

National Donut Day!

I finally put my Lilly Pulitzer storage bins to use!  Got them at Marshall's a while back.  What is crazy is that this picture ended up getting close to 600 likes!   Very unusual for me (okay who am I kidding I never get even close to that!)  Anyone happen to have any idea why?!

Brian and I went out to dinner to celebrate his first week of work being over!  Now I'm almost done with MY first week and his second :)  Welcome to the real world -__-

Jcrew and Lilly Pulitzer <3

Before his first day of work Brian surprised me with the beauty!  How lucky am I to have such an amazing man?!  I have had my eye on this since I got it in my Rocksbox months ago and he went out and found it for me. *heart eyes emoji* all over the place!

Use code katiexoxo1 for a free month at

Finally all the way back to Memorial Day weekend - loved wearing this flowy white Lilly dress on the beach!  Check out the gorgeous sunset we had here.

Well what did we think?  Follow me on Instagram @sugarspiceandsparkle to see pics like this daily!

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Navy and White Night

I kind of love Thursday nights.  I know it sounds odd, most prefer Friday or Saturday night.  And for obvious reasons!  I like Thursday night though, there is something about knowing tomorrow is Friday that makes staying up late on a work night okay.  Friday is usually an easier day so you can live it up on Thursday and make it through the last day of the week on a little less sleep somehow.

Use code katiexoxo1 for a FREE month of Rocksbox!

So tonight we decided to take a stroll around a nearby outdoor mall.  It was a nice night with a nice breeze!
I wore these navy J Crew chinos, white and navy striped crop top from The Limited, and one of my new favorite necklaces from Rocksbox!  Use code katiexoxo1 for a FREE month of Rocksbox, learn more here.

Navy and White Date Night

My shoes have been on repeat.  I mean REPEAT!  Like every day!  These Jack Rogers from Neiman Marcus Last Call are the MOST comfortable shoes EVER!  Sorry for virtually shouting but I just love them that much!! 

What is your favorite color combo?

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Taylor Swift 1989

I was listening to this CD today for probably the 1000th time and I decided I needed to talk to you all about it!  I'm assuming most (if not all) of you are pretty familiar with it but if not just click on the picture below to snag a copy!

When the album was first announced I was HIGHLY skeptical.  I mean RED was already a pop album in my opinion and I just love the country Taylor.  I was worried I would no longer love my favorite artist, the girl I grew up with, whose songs had always been a perfect parallel to my life!  So many of Taylor's songs bring me back to driving to high school, or starting college, or going through some tough times.  Who's with me on that?

So when I first got my hands on 1989, on the day it was released naturally, I was SO relieved.  I LOVED every song.  I knew every lyric in record time and had the CD on repeat in my car!

My BFF, Amanda, and I swore we would keep up our tradition of going to a concert together even if we didn't like the new stuff.  Well luckily we did like it and we are lucky enough to be going to see her on Halloween this year! Can. not. wait!

Going to do a quick run down on the songs:
1. Welcome to New York - not my favorite but I'll listen to it if I'm in the mood.
2. Blank Space - best song ever can not get enough I never get tired of it or the music video! <3
3. Style - hate the video like the song
4. Out of the Woods - super catchy but I have to be in the mood for it
5. All You Had to do Was Stay - love this one!
6. Shake It Off - this WILL be played at my wedding reception. nuff said
7. I Wish You Would - this song has the coolest vibe
8. Bad Blood - like this one and the music video has so much girl power - love it
9. Wildest Dreams - this one is ok, I do like the dreamy sound it has
10. How You Get the Girl - yaaasss boys take note ;)
11. This Love - this one instantly calms me
12. I Know Places - my guy likes this one a lot, I do too!
13. Clean - so relaxing and cool
14. Wonderland - I bet this one will be cool in her concert
15. You Are in Love - this one makes me cry, so sweet!
16. New Romantics - *cue car dancing* 
17. - 19. These are the memos off her phone apparently - they are cool to listen to once to hear her song writing process and get a behind the scenes of sorts.  I pretty much always skip them now though, you only need to hear that so many times.

Which one is your favorite?  If you can possibly decide!  I would probably pick Blank Space if I had to but luckily I don't!  I get them all :)

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