Our Babymoon in Clearwater Florida

Whew time flies! It's already the very end of the year and I'm finally getting around to writing this post - pregnancy will do that to you I guess!

Back at the beginning of November we went on our Babymoon!  I didn't really want to travel being pregnant and all so we took ~2 hour drive over to Clearwater beach - one of our favorite spots anyways!

2017 Year in Review and 2018 Look Ahead

Another New Year's Eve?!  Honestly, how is that possible.  Life goes by way too fast ya'll!  I realized I didn't even DO a post like this last year life was speeding by so quick.  Now I'm really sad about that so I am making sure that I do it this time around (even if I have waited until the very last minute to do so...)

I went back through Instagram, as that is kind of my life diary, and picked out some of my favorite memories from the year.  Hope you enjoy and have a very Happy New Year!

Jan - Started the year going to what turned out to be one of the best concerts I've been to - LOCASH at House of Blues with Brian and my Dad.