College Wrap-Up

Well you guys, its over.  I am officially done with college and that is insane!

lilly pulitzer hot spot dress graduation cap

I can't really believe it, like am I even old enough to be a college graduate? Sadly yes, but that is besides the point - there is just no way five years have gone by that fast!  One thing for I know for sure though is that I could not have made it through without this guy!

university of florida graduation engagement

Things I'll miss: daytime naps, sleeping in, spring break, summer break, Christmas break

Things I won't miss: studying, tests, homework, and most of all - group projects!  Who's with me on that last one?  If you're not then you are one of two people, either 1) you have never worked in a group or 2) you are that group member who does nothing and still gets an A thanks to me ;)

Somehow I still don't think it has sunk in that I'm not going back after the summer, I am starting a full time job, not just another internship, I'll see the other interns come and go and I will stay.  Maybe then it will hit me.  I'm not really sure.

graduation, the swamp, university of florida

It's the end of a major chapter in my life but the start of the most exciting one!  I'm starting my full time job soon, getting married at the end of the year, maybe that's why I'm not at all sad college is over - because the future is just too exciting!

Are you graduating high school or college this year?  How do you feel about it?  Has it hit you yet?

Oh yeah, one more thing I'm excited for: more time for blogging and Etsy!  With no homework or studying hanging over my head all my free time is going to this.  So get ready because it's gonna be awesome :D

Where's the Lilly?? | Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Sunday was a crazy day!  I've never done Black Friday shopping at any major store and now I don't have to because I've lived through a similar experience!

Since it was announced my excitement about Lilly for Target has only grown.  Especially once the look book was released and then I wanted absolutely EVERYTHING!  I even made a spreadsheet I was so excited!

So then when the day came I was all ready.  Had my Target account online set up with my Red card for that 5% ;)  Waiting, waiting, waiting for it to go live.  Then the Facebook group for the launch was blowing up saying that it was live on the mobile site.  So I finally found one of the dresses on my wish list - the Nosie Posey shift!  And I actually got it! Looking back I am so thankful to have gotten that, knowing what I know now!
lilly pulitzer for target shift dress

So after that (it was then about 1:30 AM) my friend and I decided to go to bed since we were planning on waking up at 7:00 AM!

Morning came way too early since we are girls and ended up talking until 2:30... oops! 

We still dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to Target.  When we pulled up there was a HUGE line that stretched the whole length of the shopping plaza.  Here is a crappy cell phone picture for your viewing pleasure ;)
lilly pulitzer for target launch crowd line waiting

Crazy right?! I'm sure you all saw similar crowds if you live in the south or any "preppy" state.

They opened the doors right at 8 and the women at the front started RUNNING.  We were like, why are you running you are at the front!  But anyways then we had to speed walk to keep up with the line.  Way too early for that in my opinion!

When we got inside I was in shock at the swarm of women, the fact that there appeared to be only 2 racks of Lilly, and the fact that they were both completely empty.  It had to be like 8:03 or so by then.
After I came to from my state of shock I headed to the home area for the mugs - the only thing I absolutely HAD to have.  Again I was passed by people running and I still refused to join in because why are you running at 8:00 AM?!?!?  Again I found nearly empty shelves, I did snag the set of 3 candle holders which were on the bottom of  my wishlist.  I didn't even see where mugs might have been and once I nearly got knocked out by an umbrella I left that area.
lilly pulitzer for target votive candle holders gold pink
Walking towards the front of the store I saw another swarm and stopped to see that was probably where mugs would have been because the other cups and plates were there.  Apparently I should have taken whatever I could get my hands on but I didn't want any of the other cups or plates.

Then there was a Target guy with a cart of unopened boxes that we all swarmed around.  Yes, like animals.  So shameful!  But I thought he opened a box with more mugs and I shouted at the poor guy "I WANT THE MUGS!!"  Please don't hold it against me, I was sleep deprived and tired or getting shoved around.  Alas it was a box of more candle holders.  Stupid candle holders.

The only good thing about this whole thing was the 10 items or less line was super short so checkout was quick.  Thanks to all the greedy b*****s for making that happen! {that's a little bitter sarcasm for you if you couldn't tell}.

We left pretty much empty handed and I was pretty depressed about it.  Here is how my BFF (who was in another town for the launch) and I felt afterwards:

Overall I was extremely disappointed at how the whole thing went down.  Having to stay up so late and wake up so early only to get one dress and some candle holders.  Not even candles, just holders.  And then to put salt in the wound some people got literally everything and are selling it at a 400% markup.  W.T.F.

Why a Florida college town Target would stock so little is beyond me.  I know every Target had a limited amount which I also don't understand.

Here's to snagging some returns!

Update:  I was able to get another dress!! I found an actually reasonable person on Poshmark who sold the Sea Urchin for You dress to me for $45.  I was so against buying from re-sellers at first but when I found this one at a semi-reasonable amount combined with my $20 credit from selling my stuff on Poshmark I decided to get it.   Thank you to the people who are selling things for a normal price and not just being crazy greedy!
lilly pulitzer for target sea urchin for you dress silk dress ruffle
Also shoutout to my friend Lizzie for surviving the rush with me and coming up with this great post name :D

Countdown to Lilly for Target

If you're a Leagally Blonde the Musical fan like me then I know what you're thinking - "Oh my God, Oh my God you guys!!!!"  The day is finally here!  The next time I crawl into bed I will (hopefully) be the owner of Lilly for Target clothes, shoes, and home accessories!  I can not contain my excitement!

Who else is dying to be at this party?!?

My plan is to go online and try to get everything I want (okay not everything - I need to set a budget...) and then head to the store in the AM if I miss out on one of my must haves.

Speaking of must haves... I NEED those little mugs!  And the pineapple sandals.  And the shift dress in Nosie Posey.  Tell me in the comments what your #1 is! 

I can't wait to see what we all end up with ladies!

Oh yeah - let's all remember that we are Classy Lilly Ladies when we're at Target.  Please don't turn into a black friday crazy person!  No pushing, shoving, or snatching please!

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XO ~ Katie

Day to Night | How to Style 1 Top 2 Ways

I recently purchased this gorgeous scalloped top at, wait for it - TJ Maxx!  For like $12!  And when I got this necklace piece of art by Kendra Scott in my Rocksbox I knew they were a match made in heaven.  Then I somehow ended up with two looks for this gorgeous top and decided to combine them in one blog post!  Okay here we go!  I hope you will enjoy it!

one top two ways black halter top with scallops

First up: casual day time look!  I paired my scalloped top with these black and white striped shorts.

fashion black halter top tj maxx

I added hot pink sandals for a pop of color!

I decided to wear my hair up - a pretty rare occurrence other than at the gym - and I think it just made the outfit that much more fun!

Next up: dressy night time outfit!  This outfit features the 'piece de resistance' by Kendra Scott *heart eyes emoji*  I LOVE how this necklace looks with black!

kendra scott statement necklace black

I actually curled my hair for once so I took it down for this outfit.

kendra scott black statement necklace

Why are scallops just so darn appealing?!  You could honestly put them on anything and it would make me want to buy it!

I paired the top with this midi skirt that I also got a TJ Maxx for - wait for it - $10!  Such a steal and it is so cute and comfy!  I love how it looks with these strappy sandals.  I think it would look awesome with some ankle strap heels too!

First of all, if you have made it this far - thank you!  This is kind of a lengthy post, I realize.  But I just have to include some close ups of this. amazing. necklace. aka art piece!  It came in my last Rocksbox (get a FREE month with code katiexoxo1 and you could be wearing this beauty (which is over $200!) too!)

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XO ~ Katie

Sugar Spice and Sparkle Brand Reps

Did you know Sugar Spice and Sparkle is more than just a blog?  We're an Etsy shop too!  If you love this blog then you will love the store - everything is preppy and monogrammed and sparkly!!

I have decided to once again accept applications for brand representatives!  The main point of the brand reps is to promote my products however I want to build a brand community so promoting anything from the blog to the shop is amazing!  If you love this blog and my Etsy shop and want to share them with your friends, then you should apply!

If that is all you need to know then simply fill out the form here.  Want a little more info? Read on!

In the past Sugar Spice and Sparkle had a few girls as brand reps.  I really enjoyed having other people involved in my shop and getting the brand out there.  Because of that I have decided to do it again!  But a little differently this time...

Previously I accepted applications from interested participants and selected three from that.  It was really hard to pick and I don't want to have to do that again!  So this time I will be accepting a lot more, the number will depend on how many great applicants I get!!  Who's excited?!?

What will you do as a brand rep?  Help promote Sugar Spice and Sparkle!  You can do this however you'd like: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Word of Mouth - totally up to you.  Each brand rep will receive a special coupon code to share.  Just make sure the people you refer know your coupon code so that 1) they get a discount and 2) you get credit for their purchase.

Everything will be based off of a point system and each point you earn can be redeemed for merchandise.

Point System:
+1 point - Re-post a picture from @sugarspiceandsparkle on Instagram*
+3 points - Post a personal picture with Sugar Spice and Sparkle products on Instagram*
+5 points - Include Sugar Spice and Sparkle in a blog post**
Your coupon code is used on Etsy:
+1 point for each dollar spent (not including shipping costs)

Continue to check back here for more ways to earn - I plan to have specials where you may be able to earn double points for things or new ways to earn.

I will keep track of everyone's points and you will be able to view them on the Brand Rep page(coming soon) of my blog.  When you are ready to redeem, just fill out the form(also coming soon) on the Brand Rep page.  The following point system will also be on the Brand Rep page for your reference.

  5 points   - Coupon code for 30% off! (One time use)
 25 points  - Key Fob or Hair Bow (excludes Lilly Pulitzer)
 35 points  - Lilly Pulitzer Key Fob or Hair Bow
 50 points  - Monogrammed Hair Bow (excludes Lilly Pulitzer)
 60 points  - Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Hair Bow
 85 points  - Monogrammed Makeup Bag (excludes Lilly Pulitzer)
 95 points  - Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Makeup Bag
200 points - Bow of the Month Subscription

See something else in the shop you're interested in?  Email me and I will let you know how many points you'd need :)

Once you use points they are deducted from your total, so if you have 50 and get a key fob, you will drop down and have 25 points remaining.

Please leave any questions in the comments below!!

-Application Closed- Ready to apply now? Click here!  Brand reps will begin work in May.

*Must tag @sugarspiceandsparkle to get credit. Re-posted and personal pictures can only be used once. You can take as many personal product pictures as you want of any given product however they must be unique to get credit for them.  Can only do each once a day (no posting 50 pictures in a day just to rack up points).
**If you write a blog post you must email me the link so I can verify that Sugar Spice and Sparkle is included to earn your points.

*The brand rep program can be discontinued or changed at any time.  Anyone who deliberately tries to scam the program will be excluded from it.  The program is meant to help build a community around Sugar Spice and Sparkle not for individuals to just get free stuff.

Night Time Skin Care Routine

Today I am going to share my night time skin care routine!  I like to change it up quite often but this is what I am doing for now!  Hope you enjoy :)

First I take off my eye makeup.  I got the cheapest eye makeup remover at Walmart and kind of regret it - this stuff doesn't do much for mascara.  It takes it off eventually, but it isn't easy.  Let me know if you have any recommendations on something better!

Next up - shower time!  I love my hexagon chevron shower curtain and towel from Target!  The bright colors and bold pattern help distract my eyes from the hideous pink tile that is my dorm bathroom - yuck.  I like to shower at night even though most days I also shower after working out in the morning.  I somehow sleep better with wet hair and I also despise washing my face in the sink because I never fail to end up soaked any ways, so I just keep it simple and take a shower!

My all time favorite face wash is this Simple foaming cleanser.  It actually leaves your face feeling soft and not dry or tight.  Plus it last forever!  I don't use it every single day, but then again some days I use it twice, but I have had it for soooo long.  I honestly can not remember buying it, it just never gets used up!  Will definitely repurchase - if the bottle ever gets empty!

My body wash is from Bath and Body Works and it is the stress relief eucalyptus and spearmint scent.  Perfect for a college student!  It is so relaxing and makes my skin feel so smooth.

Finally is my Clarisonic Mia 2!  I use this twice a week and it keeps my skin feeling great!  You really feel like your skin is cleaned down to the pores after using this.  I have the cashmere brush head on there and it is crazy soft!  My simple face wash is perfect for use with this brush.

I forgot to take a picture of my shampoo, it isn't really skin care, but in case you care (hey that rhymes!) then here it is!  Somehow it really make my hair feel thicker!  I got these larger bottles at Target, but you can get them on Amazon as well (much cheaper to buy at Target).

When I get out of the shower I will sometimes use this Simple facial toner.  I don't use it every day because I don't feel my skin needs that.  When I do use it though it is so refreshing!  I used to be afraid of toners because I thought they were really harsh - and maybe some are, but not this one!  It makes your skin feel really clean without feeling dried out.  Hard to describe it, but it's really nice.

Finally time for the best part!  Moisturizer!!  I NEVER used to spend money on moisturizers but after watching so much YouTube had to give this one a try.  Origins Night-A-Mins!  This stuff smells like oranges and feels like butter!  Your skin will feel so full of life when you wake up from a night with this on.  I got mine during the holidays so it was a little less expensive and it seems like it will last me all year, at least!  A little goes a very long way with this stuff.

Well that's it for now!  Let me know if I should share my morning skin routine in the comments.  And let me know what your favorite products are!

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XO ~ Katie

Easter Sunday

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter this year!  I spent the day at my Grandma's house with family, the usual scene every holiday.  

I love any opportunity to get dressed up!  I wore this Gianni Bini dress because of the bright, springy colors and bold stripes that kind of reminded me of an easter egg!

My shoes are strappy mint sandals, I believe they are from DSW but I've had them for a while.  

This entire outfit came to be because of this gorgeous necklace from my latest Rocksbox!  As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for Easter.

If you would like to try Rocksbox, you can get your first month free with code sugarspicesparklexoxo.  Trust me when I tell you - you will NOT regret it!  I love this service so much, I get to wear so much beautiful jewelry because of it, I never have to wear the same thing twice!

My bracelet is also from Rocksbox!  Yes they send you Loren Hope!! Now you really want to give it a try, right? ;)  This bracelet is the perfect pop of sparkle that goes with absolutely everything.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my posts and new products for my shop (plus other fun stuff!) 

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XO ~ Katie