Hair Brush Straightener Review

Have you seen one of these before?  It looks like a (semi) regular hairbrush but it works (kind of) like a straightener. It's a hair brush straightener!

I have seen these all over YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram - so when a Groupon came up for one I decided to give it a try.

What I was hoping for - a faster way to straighten my hair in the morning.  Something that would be quick, easy, and effective.

What I got - I'll give this one a 2 out of 3.
Quick?  Relatively, the temperature controls on this thing are in Celsius (not great for us "dumb Americans") but just so ya know ~200 C is 400 F which is what most regular straighteners get up to. It didn't take an exceptionally long time for this to heat up or anything.  I wish there was a solution for straight hair that didn't require you to plug something in.  I guess thats what they call chemical straightening - no thank you to that for me! (half point)

Easy?  Definitely!  This is super easy to use!  Basically it is the same as brushing your hair except you go a little slower on each stroke and section pieces out a little.  (full point!)

Effective? Wellllll... this one is hard to say.  See pic below then keep reading.

So the after is definitely better than the before - is it straight though?  Not as straight as when I use my straightener.  (half point)

Here's a bonus though!  I felt like my hair was not getting {as} damaged!  Even thought this thing gets super hot I think because of the brushing motion and the way your hair goes through the brissels you hair doesn't get as fried.  No scientific evidence on this but thats how I felt.

Bottom line:
Do you NEED this - NO!  If you have a straightener you don't need this, if you don't have a straightener then you probably don't care about having straight hair so again you probably don't need one.  BUT if you want a quick way to de-frizz your hair without too much damage, it might be worth a try.  Or if you just want to try it out yourself for fun - do it.  Like I said, check out Groupon and I'm sure you'll find a deal!

Well, what did you think?  Are you going to try one?  Have you tried one?  Tell me what you thought!

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XO, Katie

This post is in no way sponsored by Groupon and I purchased this brush myself.  I just wanted to share my thoughts!  This post may contain affiliate links.

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