Chicago Day 1 - Architectural Boat Tour

Brian and I are back from an amazing trip to Chicago!  It was our first trip together since our honeymoon and his first time to Chicago.  We had a really great time and I want to remember the details and also share some of the great things to do there in case you're planning a trip of your own!

We had a very early flight so we got to Chi-town by 9AM!  We took the train into the city from the airport which took about an hour, then we checked into our hotel and headed back out to explore!  There was a Starbucks right across from our hotel so of course we hit that up.  Then we walked around for a while until we stumbled upon a Shake Shack!

After a tasty lunch we walked along the River Walk.  It was so nice to be in some cooler weather!  The river is so pretty and all the glass buildings around it reflect it and its just. so. pretty.

Low and behold we discovered a Target!  It's like we're drawn to it naturally or something haha!  This one turned out to be a kind of mini-Target, which maybe is more common in cities - I dunno.

At 5 PM we had an architectural boat tour on the river.  It turned out to be amazing, I would highly recommend it!  We used Shoreline Sightseeing and it was neat to see and hear about so many amazing buildings, we just don't see that in the suburbs!

These are called the corncobs, they're residential and definitely weren't my favorite building but I did think they were pretty cool looking.  My favorite buildings were the ones totally covered with glass windows that reflected the river and sky perfectly - so gorgeous!

After the boat tour we stopped at Howells and Hood, the restaurant on the first floor of the Tribune Tower, named after it's architects.  

How cute is my travel buddy?

What's your favorite thing to do in the city?  I'll be sharing a post for each day of our trip, so more to come!

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XO ~ Katie

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