All About the Sparkle

Created from my dorm room desk in 2014, Sugar Spice and Sparkle was a creative outlet from a rigorous engineering class schedule.  Today this blog is a resource for young women to discover amazing fashion and beauty products that don't break the bank.

If you love glitter, gold accents, and pops of pink then you're in the right place!  A self described "girly girl", I have always loved fashion and since starting this blog have learned how much joy I get from connecting with others over a shared passion.

With online shopping being more popular than ever, I want to share the fashion, beauty, and home decor pieces that I'm loving to help point you in the right direction when there are so many things to choose from its overwhelming.  Plus, I'm not one to consider "under $100" any sort of a deal, so you can bet everything you see here will easily fit into your budget.

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After a long day at the office you can find me lounging on the couch in a t-shirt dress with my sweet husband re-watching Gilmore Girls for the tenth time.  As an engineer I spend my days dealing with numbers and trying to solve problems at a Fortune 100 company.  

When I'm not working or blogging there's a good chance you can find me wandering around the mall with my mom.  Somehow we always end up sitting in the food court talking (and snacking!); I guess we just like the mall atmosphere!

While Sugar Spice and Sparkle is my creative outlet and chance to have fun with fashion, I can't help but use my analytical mind to find  ways to best bring you the finest fashion and beauty products a regular person's budget can buy!

I'm just so happy you're here!  Let's be friends, mmkay?  Follow me over on Instagram for daily updates and chat with me through stories and the occasional live video, shoot me a quick email through the contact form, or check out what's happening on Facebook.  Can't wait to see you around!

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