What it's all about...

Hello gorgeous!  Welcome to Sugar Spice and Sparkle, I'm Katie.

I'm so happy you're here to navigate this thing called life with me.

Why you should sick around
Sugar Spice and Sparkle was created as a creative outlet for me to share my love of clothing, accessories, and beauty products.  It is still that but has also become a place where I can connect with the friends I've made in the (little over a) year I've been blogging for.  Sugar Spice and Sparkle is pretty much about what ever phase of life I'm in at the time but is always a place to share and always full of sparkle and shine!

What you need to know about me
My days are spent as an engineer, working with numbers and analytics, thinking through every detail in a logical way, making sure everything adds up.  I love to come home and retreat to the blogging world where I can turn off the left side of my brain and let my creative juices flow!  Even though I'm an engineer, I'm a super 'girly girl' who loves pink and gold and glitter.

Quick facts about me
- Tells it like it is
- Always Can be sarcastic and sassy
- Florida girl through and through
(yes I consider 65 degrees freezing)
- Child at heart, especially at Disney World
- French fries are my weakness
- Taylor Swift obsessed
- Pineapples and Flamingos
- Anything Kate Spade is perfect to me
- Life's too short to care what people think - you do you boo!

What to expect on SSS
From DIY tutorials to an #ootd, you can count on everything here to be bright and sun-shiny, upbeat and optimistic, and served with a side of pink!  I love to share my latest fashion finds, tips on blogging and social media, home decor, and as a newly wed some tips and tricks on engagements, weddings, and married life!  Who knows where life will take me next but stick around and help me figure it out along the way.

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Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO, Katie

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Please note: this blog contains some affiliate links, usually we'll both benefit if you use them and I will never endorse any products or companies that I do not love myself!

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