Affordable Area Rugs - Under $100

From left to right, top to bottom:

Navy shag rug - This is the SOFTEST rug you will ever feel!  I am hoping to get this one, in grey or white, for my living room so my toes can be happy every day! 5' by 7', Tan and Navy are on sale for $97.49

Pink rug - If you want a POP of color in your office or bedroom, this one's for you.  I WISH I had somewhere for this beauty in my his-house. On sale for $79.99 (5' by 8')

Yellow patterned rug - A slightly more subtle pop of color, but sure to make every day bright and sunshine-y! 5' by 7' is only $91.37

Anchor rug - Ummm, yeah I need this.  Probably going to fit this in someway somehow.  Anchors on a rug?  Yaaas Hunnayyyy!  This one is $109.99 (4' by 6') buttt it is from Wayfair and they sometimes send a 10% off coupon, making it under $100!

Black and White Stripes - Can you say Kate Spade?  This isn't but if you want your room to feel like it is this is the rug for you!  I would love to have a black, white, and pink office!  Only $94.45 (4' by 6')

Turquoise Fretwork Rug - This one was just purchased by me!  I love the color and pattern and at $59.99 I couldn't pass it up for me and the hubs' office.  Currently 25% off (it's originally $79.99 for the 5' by 7' I got)

Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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