To My 2020 Baby

To My 2020 Baby,

This year is one for the history books. It will be one that everyone remembers but I’m afraid they won’t be looking back with fondness. 2020 is the year that everyone wants to end, the year that everyone wants to forget. 

Pumpkin Carving, Teething?, and Mom Guilt

Well Georgia didn’t go to bed until after 9 last night so writing a blog post just wasn’t in the cards after that. Yesterday was a great day though so I still want to have a post for it, so here we are! 

In the morning Brian watched both girls while I had some kid-free time with my momma. We’ve been able to do this a few times and it is so wonderful! I enjoy the break and even though I see my mom nearly every day we always have the girls so we can’t really talk, so the quality time just us is so special. 

The Pumpkin Patch Saga

About a month into fall we finally made it to a pumpkin patch! It was only 85 degrees and blindingly sunny but we did our best to imagine what fall might feel like if we actually had a fall here in Florida.

So today was quite the adventure. Brian took the day off work and we were going to go to a local farm that has a pumpkin patch, sunflower fields, and other fall activities. We’ve been planning this for over a week now but of course I had to go and mess it up. You have to buy tickets to the farm, which I completely forgot about until Brian reminded me last night at about 11PM and at that point they were sold out for today. 

A Surprise for Avery

Oh today was a good day! It was just me and my girls all day and they were both just so good and Avery was extra sweet. My heart feels so full tonight! 

I started the day in the same outfit I’ve worn for the last two but decided since I had some sponsored insta stories to share I should probably change - ha! Avery happened to be wearing her Castle Home T so I surprised her by changing into mine. It’s so cute how little things like that get kids so excited!

Trying Something New...

For far too long now my blog has been on the back burner. Instagram has been at the forefront when it comes to my content and I declared 2020 to be ‘the year of YouTube’, leaving my blog a bit lacking in terms of new posts. 

Lately Instagram has just been absolutely terrible to me (and many other creators). My posts and stories are not shown to much of my audience, and it seems the harder I try, the less and less I get. So I am re-thinking where my priority should lie. I’ve always known that my blog should be my #1, because Instagram could up and disappear at any time (unlikely I know but it could happen). But as my audience has grown on Instagram and daily stories are so easy to do, it has just become my go-to and the place my audience knows they can always find me. 

Mommy + Me Matching Lilly Pulitzer Outfits

This weekend I finally got myself and the girls into our first matching Lilly Pulitzer outfits! I bought these well before Georgia was born and I guess I didn’t anticipate her being such a tiny nugget because it’s already fall and she just now fits into the dress! But luckily the Florida weather makes these outfits still very much appropriate.