9 Month Old Baby Schedule

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As a huge fan of reading other babies’ schedules I figured it was about time I share one of ours! I shared Avery’s schedule a few times when she was little and maybe I should share her current schedule as a toddler - let me know your thoughts on that! But today we’re going to talk about Georgia’s current routine. She just turned 9 months old and has had this schedule for about a month now.

Scared To Start A Blog? Here’s How To Overcome and Get Started!

Congratulations! You are interested in starting a blog and that is really exciting! I know there can be a lot of fear and doubt surrounding getting started on your blogging journey. As someone who has been blogging for nearly a decade (since 2012), I can tell you that putting in the hard work and sticking with it really is worth off it and pays off - both monetarily and in other ways! 

Latest and Greatest Toddler Products for 2021

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As a mom we are constantly inundated with new and different products for our kids. It seems like every day there are new items on the market and it can be overwhelming! I partnered with Babble Boxx to test and review several new toddler products and share my thoughts on them with you. Hopefully this is helpful and you're able to find at least one new thing for your family from a fellow mama.