How To Be Productive As A Stay At Home Mom

As a stay at home mom and blogger I consider myself a work from home mom (WFHM?). I'm often asked how I manage posting daily to social media, working with brands, and running my blog all with a little one in tow. Clearly I don't do it alone - my mom is a huge help and watches Avery for me often, I also have an extremely supportive husband who will let me attend events, work on posts, take calls, etc. whenever he's home and able to assist. But in an industry that is on 24/7 all the help in the world isn't going to eliminate the times where I have the baby and need to get something done.

When Is The Right Time For Baby #2?

The biggest question on every new mom's mind. Or at least in seems that way based on every mommy Facebook group and even amongst personal friends. Unfortunately, the answer will be different for everyone and can range anywhere from never (like for my parents) to 12 years after baby #1 (like for my husband's parents). But, at least for me, knowing that this question is thought by other moms helps me feel better somehow!

Disney Cruise | Cozumel Beach Break Excursion Review

Welcome back to my Disney Cruise blog posts! I didn't mean to have such a gap between the last one and this one, but hey that's life! But I'm excited to jump back in and share some more about our amazing trip with you!

If you haven't read my post on the first half of the cruise, check it out here. This post is going to focus on our day in Cozumel, Mexico! We originally were not going to do any excursions because with two babies we just though staying on the ship would be easier. Don't ask me how but we ended up browsing through the available excursions and decided to go for it, and *spoiler alert* we were so glad we did!

Pool Day Essentials for Under $100

Today's blog post is sponsored by Bealls Outlet. As always all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that support Sugar Spice and Sparkle.

Summer is here (well almost) but here in Florida it certainly feels like it! Being a born and raised Florida girl, summer is of course my favorite time of year. The beach is my favorite but a day spent by the pool is a close second for me.