White Denim and Layers - Chicago Flamingo Wall

The Insta-famous flamingo wall just so happens to be in Chicago!  I did not know this when we were planning our trip but once I discovered it was in Chicago I found out where it was and it was only a few blocks from our hotel!

I would have been oh so pissed sad if I had not realized this wall was close by while we were there!  The Instagram gods were looking over me ;)

Hopefully this isn't too many pics... I just thought they turned out so well!  Shop the look (some items are similar):

This was going to be my "Chicago Day 3" post (see Day 1 and Day 2) but there were too many awesome pics that I decided to split it into a fashion post and then the day 3 post - so that's coming soon!  We did a lot of exploring and ate at (imo) the best restaurant ever, so you won't want to miss that post if you're planning a trip to Chi-town soon.

If you're ever there, the flamingo wall is at the corner of Ohio and Wells - you can't miss it!

What's your favorite mural wall?  Comment below!

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XO ~ Katie


  1. What a pretty wall! In Barcelona, we have art-nouveau fa├žades, I can't recall any wall right now! Best regards from Spain,