7 Shopping Tips for Tall Girls

Being a girl is so hard sometimes, am I right?  

I could write a whole post on that alone but right now I'm talking about height.  Short girls wish they were taller and tall girls wish they were shorter.  Both ends of the spectrum come with their challenges, but being 5'9" I'm here to help out my above average height friends today.

5'9" and above is considered tall to fashion retailers, but even if you're shorter than that and have long legs or a long torso you may have some of these issues as well.  Keep reading for my shopping tips to find cute stuff that fits!

Sometimes shopping when you're not the "perfect" size (aka average size), shopping can be frustrating (case in point: rompers - they're so cute but often end up giving you diaper butt when you're tall...).  It can also be a hard pill to swallow when you're relatively skinny but have to get a size 10 or a large to make something work length wise.  At the end of the day none of it matters, the size of your clothes is not important, but as a woman it can be tough when talking to shorter friends to admit you need a large when they're all getting extra smalls.

I had a growth spurt my sophomore year of high school, so I've been doing this whole tall thing for quite a few years now and I think I've got it figured out when it comes to the clothes department.  I hope you'll find these tips helpful and please share your tips and tricks with me in the comments!

1. For pants, shop in stores that offer different lengths

Some stores, like Abercrombie & Fitch, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor Tall offer pants in short, regular, and long/tall lengths.  This is super helpful, especially if you're wanting to wear heels with your pants - one length fits all pants don't usually cut it.

2. For rompers and dresses, look for a drop waist

Dresses and rompers can be really tricky for those of us who are tall.  A drop waist is not only flattering on a tall figure, it's more flexible with the fit and can accommodate a long torso.  Dresses that are supposed to fit at the natural waist often don't work and end up hitting right below your bust.  Rompers are a similar story.  A fitted romper is going to be tough to find if you're tall, one where the top blouses out over the waist will give more flexibility and a better chance of fitting your frame.

3. Adjustable straps are your friends

For tank tops or sleeveless dresses look for adjustable straps.  They'll give you the ability to alter the fit to your body without having to break out the sewing machine.  You might be noticing a theme here - flexibility!

4. Only shop the cheap stores for shoes and jewelry

Stores like Forever 21 and H&M and online boutiques like LuLu's and Tobi may not be your go-to's for well fitting clothes.  While it's tempting to pick up the inexpensive, on trend pieces, you're better off browsing the clearance rack at a higher end or department store.  Don't get me wrong you can sometimes find really great stuff at those what I call "teen" stores, even the occasional $12 dress can be found, but for the most part, shorter girls will have better luck there.

5. Embrace flats... and heels!

One of the perks of your height is that you can wear flats for any occasion.  But also don't let being tall stop you from wearing heels if that's what you want to do!  You probably already get looks because you're tall, so who cares if you're even taller?  I'm sure people are looking at you out of envy if anything anyways (at least that's what I tell myself ;))

6. Ignore sizes

Like I mentioned before, it can feel not so great to buy a size 10 dress when you know you wear a 4 or 6 in shorts and pants, but again WHO CARES!!  Don't let the number on that little tag stop you from getting something cute that fits well.  If it fits and you feel good in it, get it!

7. Being tall isn't all bad

Think of all the times you HAVEN'T needed a step stool, or have had a great view at a concert, or gained a few pounds but no one noticed because you can carry it well.  Shopping might take a little bit more effort, but just come by and take a look in my closet and you'll see there is PLENTY out there that will work for you!  Anyways models are tall so if you're tall then you're like a model (how do you like that logic? ;))!

Be proud of your height, trust me - you're beautiful!

P.S. Never hunch your back because you feel self conscious of your height (I'm guilty of doing this) - stand up straight and tall!  You still look tall whether you hunch over or not so just embrace it my loves!

How tall are you?  What's your shopping struggle?  Let a sister know down below!

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XO ~ Katie


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