Skincare Routine During Pregnancy

Navigating what products you can and can't use during pregnancy can be really confusing and frustrating if you're like me and love products and trying new ones all the time.  I wanted to share what my skincare routine has been in these 6 months of pregnancy so far and I'd love to hear any product recommendations you have too!

I've been REALLY lucky with my skin so far in pregnancy!  Other than a few blemishes in the first trimester my skin has been really clear and since it's been the humid months up until now I haven't noticed any extra dryness.  Now that the weather is starting to change here in Florida I might need to use my moisturizer a little more often, but we'll see.

I'll also say that I am a super rule following/paranoid person.  So if I read that something is suggested to not be used during pregnancy you can bet I won't be touching it with a ten foot pole.

My go to Origins face cream has caffeine in it, and given that it's topical it probably is fine to use, but I've given up caffeine 100% for this pregnancy so I decided to give that up for now too.  But man I miss it!!  I have been using my Tula moisturizer very occasionally, whenever my skin is feeling extra dry.

I've cut out all toners and serums for the time being just to be sure that baby is not getting harmed in any way!  Nothing I have used in the past is too harsh so it's hard to think that it could somehow get from on my face to in my womb but better safe than sorry.  I can't wait to re-introduce all of my favorites though come February!  I know you still have to be careful though as my skin will be in contact with baby's skin and I don't want to irritate her sensitive, perfect, soft, amazing (I'm dreaming of baby soft skin right now if you can't tell) in any way.

Another thing I have been cautious with is face masks.  I've stopped using everything except this one because I think it's pretty natural.  But even still I only use it if my skin is just feeling gross.  For face wash I always use super gentle cleansers, so haven't had to make any changes there.

My main form of skin care/treatment since becoming pregnant has been my makeup.  Which you also have to be careful with - any anti-aging products are a no-go.  I've been relying on my absolute favorite CC cream, and I think it's definitely part of why my skin hasn't completely freaked out over the lack of moisturizer.  I absolutely love this stuff, the other day I used a different foundation and by the end of the day it looked like I had huge pores!  With my CC cream I'm looking poreless all day.  Would highly recommend it!

I recently received some new products to try from Shaklee Youth Skin Care.  I love the fact that their products are all 100% vegan!  As tempting as it is to try the products out (seriously trying new skincare is one of my hobbies!) I am going to stick to my guns and wait until after baby to give any new stuff a try.  Even with the most natural of products you just never know what your skin (especially mine which is so sensitive) will react to.  And I can only imagine having a reaction to a new product is the last thing I need right now... But I will give you an update in a few months!  For now I would definitely check them out if vegan products are important to you!

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