3 Night Cruise on the Disney Dream

If you know me then you know my favorite way to vacation is on a cruise!  Wanted to share a quick re-cap of my recent three night cruise on the Disney Dream with you guys in case you haven't been on one yet and are wondering if you should go ahead and hit that "book it" button!  (Hint: you should!)

Let me start off by saying that I love any cruise vacation but specifically Disney cruises.  They're hands down the best (no I haven't been on every cruise line but I just know they're the best :P).  If you're worried about going and not being/having a kid - don't worry!  There's just as many adult activities (if not more) than on any other cruise line.  

When you first board a Disney cruise they announce your family like you're famous or something as you walk into the beautiful promenade.  Here we are right after boarding - classy lanyards and all!

First thing to do when you board a cruise - eat!  Don't wait to get in your first of 87 daily meals ;)

3 night cruise tip - board as early as you can on the first day!  Cruises go by fast because they're so stinking fun - get to it as soon as you're allowed!

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Another tip - pack or wear your bathing suit and sunscreen.  You won't be able to get to your luggage right away so if you want to start the relaxation ASAP then keep your swimwear with ya.

Around 1:30 we were able to go to our cabin (thats what they call a room on a cruise ship).  I hadn't been on the Dream before this cruise but they have super cool virtual port-holes in the inside rooms.  Making an affordable cruise option that much better!

How cool, right?  Don't worry - you can turn it off at night or use it as a nightlight as they put a simulated night image on the screen once it's dark.  Here is a picture of the whole bedroom area:

I'm always pleasantly surprised at how roomy the cabins are.  I seem to picture them in my mind with no space for walking around in them - ha!

Day 1 - board and leave port around 5pm
Day 2 - Nassau, Bahamas (since we've been several times before we opted to stay on the ship instead.  Especially on a three night you've gotta take as much time as you can to soak up all there is to do onboard).
Day 3 - Castaway Cay, Disney's private island.  Most cruise lines have a stop at their own island.  Sadly this time around it rained the whole day.  We still got off and had lunch on the island and put our toes in the water to say we did.  Castaway is an absolute dream - can't wait for the next cruise when it will hopefully be sun-shiny! 
Day 4 - Arrive back in port and get off the ship (right at 7AM in my case and head straight to work so you don't have to use another vacation day even though you just want to take a nap.  Perks of living an hour from the coast!).

When there's a throne - you sit on it.  Just that princess instinct in me!  P.S. how amazing is this tile mosaic wall?!

On our last night we had the chance to experience a premium dining experience at Palo's.  It's a small uncharge to dine there but it is the equivalent of 5 star dining.  You also have to miss out on your regularly scheduled dining for that night, but for a return cruiser that isn't a huge deal.

Disney cruise tip - Unlike other cruises, Disney cruises have 3 different, highly themed, dinner locations.  So on a three night you'll go to a different dining room for each night.  This makes opting in to Palo's or Remy's (an even fancier spot) that much more of a tough decision, because you are truly missing out on another experience.  If it's your first Disney cruise I'd absolutely pass on the uncharge locations.  Experience what you already paid for - it will not disappoint!

So, have you ever been on a cruise or is it still a dream in the making?  I can tell you this - once you go on a cruise, you'll never want to do another form of vacationing again.  It's the ultimate in relaxation!  Can't wait until we are able to go on another one!


This post is in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.

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  1. My kids would be in complete disbelief if we want something like this...but at the same time they'd be so grateful we've never went on a vacation anywhere as a family, how awesome would that be. Much love, Laura