Balancing Blogging and a Full Time Job + My Secret for Content Creation

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Today I wanted to get a little more personal.  I love sharing cute outfits but if you've been keeping up you'll know I like to mix in a little about me in the "meat" of every post (if you are truly just here for the fashion, scroll to the bottom of this post or head to the Shop tab!).  I of course want to give you style inspiration and help you shop the best deals but I also want you to get to know me, as I hope to get to know you!  The best part about blogging is the connections I've made along the way!


As a full time 9 to (errr, 8 to) 5er M-F nose to the grindstone kinda girl who also has this passion for her fashion blog I wanted to share some tips on how to balance it all.  And really these aren't "tips", more just facts of what I do.  And "balance" is also a strong word.  It's more like those spinning plates on the sticks where you run around trying to keep them all from crashing to the ground.  Yeah that sounds more like it...

Create a Manageable Schedule
I have tried and failed too many times to count on creating a realistic schedule for myself.  In college (when I started SS&S) it was hard to find a schedule because weeks with quizzes or tests would always pop up and take over my life (engineering school is no joke y'all!) and now the same thing happens but with real life stuff instead of exams.  Right now my goal is to post on the blog Monday and Thursday - and I've been doing in for a couple weeks, with a few hiccups but hey - I'm doing my best!

Give Yourself Grace
I try to post to Instagram daily.  Sometimes I'm just too worn out to do it.  I used to beat myself up over this or post at a low engagement time just to say I had posted.  Now I give myself a little grace, and guess what - it's totally fine!  I just pick up with posting the next day and forget about the past.

Do What Makes You Happy
If you work full time then you know time to actually do whatever you want to is super limited.  So when you do have that time fill it with things that really bring you joy.  Somedays that's writing blog and Instagram posts.  Other days it's eating ice cream and watching Netflix for 3 hours with my husband.  Both are okay.  Don't get burnt out.

Utilize Your Time Wisely
I recently started listening to Podcasts during my commute (Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger is!) and it #1 makes the time fly by and #2 allows me to use that time to learn instead of just jam out to T Swift for the millionth time (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  During lunch I will catch up with my Instagram DMs or tweet out a few witty remarks.  Gotta do what you gotta do!

And now for my super secret trick for creating content when you're time crunched - batch it.  Ok so thats not really a secret if you're already deep in the weeds of the blogging world.  BUT it is so helpful.  Batching is when you create multiple pieces of content at the same time and post it out over the next week or two.

I'll tell you - my last 4 posts - all photographed on the same day!  I know, right?  But I don't have time to be a "model" (I use the term loosely obviously - ha!) everyday.  Once a week I load up the car with clothes, shoes, accessories and head to cute locations to take pics.  The blogger life ain't glamorous y'all!  It's either changing in the backseat or going into public restrooms in one outfit and coming out in another.  Oh the looks I sometimes get.  Who cares?!

I still like to write the content of my posts day of because it feels more authentic to me, but I do want to get better on at least scheduling the ideas out in advance so I don't have to sit here and brainstorm for 15 minutes like I just did today :P 

Ok that's all for now folks!  I so so SO hope you found this valuable in some way.  Please comment down below with any questions, suggestions for me, or tips that you have for balancing juggling it all!

About my outfit - This feminine look is perfect for church, date night, or dinner with the girls.  I love the sweet softness of blush pink with white.  So pretty!  I was able to link the exact skirt (on sale!) and earrings, unfortunately the top (on sale!), necklace (on sale!), and shoes are unavailable online but I linked similar options that are all amazing prices!


  1. Okay first off this outfit is gorgeous!! And I totally agree with these tips girlfriend! :-) Cheers to balancing both.

    xoxo A

    1. Thank you! Doing both is tough but it helps when you love what you do :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love this post girl!! It can be hard balancing and I do the same thing for photos hahaha!!
    Xo, Nikki |

    1. Thanks Nikki! Gotta do what we gotta do to make it work!:)