Body Confidence as a Fashion Blogger


Today's post idea came about as I was editing my photos from my trip to the beach last month.  Before the trip I had been searching and searching for a white bodysuit and finally found this one at Forever 21.  It's less than ideal because it's 
a) made from fabric that really hugs you, which if you know me you know I don't typically wear and 
b) because of the cut there isn't a great bra option which, if you always have to wear a bra, you know how frustrating the summer months (or really all months in Florida) can be.

I remember when taking these pictures that I just wasn't feeling like my best self in this look.  You know how sometimes you feel *on fleek* and some days you just don't?  Plus wearing a hat at the beach - good idea in theory, bad idea when trying to take photos.  That thing was flying all over the place!  But then today, editing them, I really was NOT feeling these photos.

Now you might be thinking "Girl, what are you talking about?!?" or maybe you're like "Yeah, why on earth would you post those?".  Either way, it got me thinking about the pressures of social media, and keeping up your confidence.

In general I consider myself a confident person.  I say and do what I want and don't take a lot of crap from others.  But I think anyone who is constantly seeing themselves in photos will have moments of insecurity.  And that's totally okay!  Just because you're not feeling 110% babe status all the time just means you're a normal person!  What isn't okay is stopping what you enjoy doing because of those feelings.  I would be a total hypocrite to sit here and say all this and then not post these photos because I think that whole "camera adds 10lbs" thing is definitely in action here (or maybe it's all that Chick-fil-A...).  

The point is that social media is always filled with the perfect moments of peoples' lives.  

We know this, yet we still feel bad about ourselves for not having perfect hair, or FOMO when we're too tired to go out that night, or don't have one of those really adorable puppies that always pose perfectly for pictures!  I mean really - we seem to take this whole comparison thing to an extreme.  I think the best thing we can all do is STOP sharing the perfect moments and START sharing the moments.  And yes, as a fashion blogger most of my moments will still be staged, but some are more "perfect" than others.  

My hope is that if you follow me either here or on Instagram, you always know that I'm just a regular girl.  That is what I want you to see in me and what I try to share even when I am posting a really beautiful picture of a really cute outfit.  And why I typically share hilarious bloopers in the same look on my insta stories!  I get up an go to work everyday like so many of you do, I just happen to share my passion for fashion with the world too, don't let my pretty Instagram feed, that by the way I work really really hard to make that way, fool you!

It's getting late (I write my posts the night before publishing) and I can tell I'm starting to ramble on.  I think I've made my point by now, at least I hope so.  I'm definitely a little nervous to post this - not because of my pictures but because of what I've written!  But as always I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the matter so please comment below.

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