Our Babymoon in Clearwater Florida

Whew time flies! It's already the very end of the year and I'm finally getting around to writing this post - pregnancy will do that to you I guess!

Back at the beginning of November we went on our Babymoon!  I didn't really want to travel being pregnant and all so we took ~2 hour drive over to Clearwater beach - one of our favorite spots anyways!

It's absolutely gorgeous there, even in November.  I think it's one of the top beaches in the country actually!  We took a couple days off work and made it a long weekend.  Brian and I always have so much fun when just the two of us can go on a little adventure together and this was no exception.  We didn't really plan any activities so it was pure, sweet, relaxation bliss!  Exactly what a babymoon should be if you ask me!

We left Orlando on Thursday and drove to Clearwater.  We made a pit stop at the mall in Tampa so I could go to Nordstrom since we don't have one in Orlando (crazy right?) which is always a great way to start vacation.

After checking in at the resort we took a walk on the beach then sat by the pool and ordered some food.  The pool area was really pretty, with lounge chairs that were overlooking the ocean - so peaceful!

Look at that little bump - it's grown quiiiite a bit since then!

We discovered the robes in our room and they were luxurious!  We wore them as much as we could during our stay!

The next day (Friday) we decided to go to the Clearwater Aquarium, where the dolphin Winter lives (you've probably heard of her, she is missing the end of her tail!).  It was a pretty chilly day so it was nice to do something at least partially indoors.  We completely failed at taking any pictures at the aquarium... oops!  

For breakfast and lunch we found such cute spots to eat - breakfast was a tiny little diner and lunch was a really delicious kind of permanent food truck place.  They had heaters in the seating area which was so nice (it was in the low 70's, we're just weak when it comes to cold in Florida!).  I got the biggest nachos I've ever seen in my life!

Later that evening we ended up driving around and found a mall to walk around.  I also made us stop at Target to get the new Taylor Swift CD :)

I think it's safe to say this trip revolved around food - I am a pregnant lady after all!  On Saturday morning we got breakfast at a place right across from the resort.  They had the biggest portions I've ever seen, sadly I have no photo evidence of my breakfast tacos (the pregnancy hunger was stronger than the blogger obligation to take a pic first ;).

It was a beautiful, clear day so we decided to hang out by the pool for a while, broken up by multiple walks on the beach.  Heaven on Earth!

That night we had a classic meal for dinner - pizza and ice cream!  Ended up on the pool deck again afterwards to catch the sunset on our last night.  If you've never been to the West coast of Florida, you've got to go.  The sunsets are like nothing else!  Pictures can not do it justice.  This one was matched with a double rainbow to the East - incredible!

On Sunday we packed up and checked out of the resort after breakfast.  We had such an amazing time, reminiscing on the past and dreaming of the future.  I'm so glad we were able to take a few days just the two of us, no obligations, no pressures, just pure relaxation and doing whatever we wanted to all day every day!

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