To My 2020 Baby

To My 2020 Baby,

This year is one for the history books. It will be one that everyone remembers but I’m afraid they won’t be looking back with fondness. 2020 is the year that everyone wants to end, the year that everyone wants to forget. 

But 2020 is something different for me. 2020 is a year I will always remember and it will always be one of my favorite years because it brought me you.

My pregnancy didn’t go as I’d planned. There was a lot of fear for your safety and mine. There was a lot of worry, more than usual. There were cancelled baby showers and the fact that no one even saw me looking pregnant.

But you were my hope. You were my light at the end of the tunnel. The day you were born the rest of the world melted away. All that worry and fear was gone because you were in my arms. 

After the newborn fog subsided and the world was still a mess, I started to worry again. When would family and friends get to meet you? When would we feel comfortable taking you out of the house? I’m sorry, my sweet precious baby, that you were born into such uncertain times.

Well we are still waiting. But I’ve realized that in some ways 2020 has been a blessing. We’ve had you all to ourselves without feeling selfish. We’ve been able to soak in every snuggle and watch you flourish from all that extra tummy time. We’ve fostered our breastfeeding relationship so carefully and for every feeding you’ve gotten all the time you’ve needed.

I love you so much, my 2020 baby, you are the light of my life. Living proof that even in the darkest of days there is hope and joy to be found; and with just one look at your beautiful sleeping face, resting in my arms, I know that everything is going to be okay. 

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