Mommy + Me Matching Lilly Pulitzer Outfits

This weekend I finally got myself and the girls into our first matching Lilly Pulitzer outfits! I bought these well before Georgia was born and I guess I didn’t anticipate her being such a tiny nugget because it’s already fall and she just now fits into the dress! But luckily the Florida weather makes these outfits still very much appropriate. 

I loved how the photos came out and just wanted them to have a permanent place on the blog since Lilly holds a special place in my heart (and on my blog). Today happens to be Sugar Spice and Sparkle's 6th anniversary, and I couldn't think of a more perfect day for a Lilly Pulitzer related post. You can see all of my posts related to Lilly here, in fact the second post ever published on this blog was about Lilly. 

Lilly Pulitzer was my niche when I first started blogging and doing Etsy, some of you may remember! I still love the brand and think it will be something that is always part of my life even as my style evolves. I hope someday my girls will love it too! I've worn Lilly Pulitzer for a lot of big moments in my life, and can't believe Lilly and this blog have taken me from an engineering student in college to a stay at home momma of two! My, how time flies. 

Thank you God for these beautiful blessings! I love them so much it hurts!

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