A Surprise for Avery

Oh today was a good day! It was just me and my girls all day and they were both just so good and Avery was extra sweet. My heart feels so full tonight! 

I started the day in the same outfit I’ve worn for the last two but decided since I had some sponsored insta stories to share I should probably change - ha! Avery happened to be wearing her Castle Home T so I surprised her by changing into mine. It’s so cute how little things like that get kids so excited!

We spent the morning playing, Avery has such focus for her age - for any age! We spent hours playing babies in the living room before moving to her room for magnatiles. She hasn’t played with them much lately but now that she has rediscovered them she is once again obsessed!

Thought the Mickey filter was appropriate for her outfit today. She loves doing pictures with the “silly things”. Georgia blessed me with a two hour nap this morning - always a nice surprise and gave me and Avery a little quality time together. I had to screenshot her monitor because she just looked too adorable sleeping! I still can not believe she is 5 months old. Just, how? 

I made a really easy dinner tonight - teriyaki chicken and fried rice. I just put frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with chicken broth and teriyaki sauce and when the chicken was fully cooked I added in a can of pineapple slices and let them heat up - so good! The fried rice was the frozen kind from Trader Joe’s - 5 minutes in the microwave. My mom came over to eat with us which made it extra good!

A few weeks ago I re-posted another mom’s post on my insta story about how her son got a terrible eye infection from his squirt bath toys due to the mold and bacteria that gets trapped in them. The little boy fully recovered but after reading that I trashed all of Avery’s squirt toys. It’s just not worth the risk of anything happening! She was surprisingly okay with it, especially when I told her I would replace them with different toys.

You might have seen my stories with Bealls Outlet today where I shared some toys I found there online, including a Baby Alive doll that can go in the water! She was only $12.99 and Avery has been watching Baby Alive YouTube videos lately and really loving on her talking Baby Alive doll so I knew it was perfect! Well my order arrived today and since she was such a sweetheart all day I gave her the doll after dinner. 

Her reaction was priceless. I will buy her a new doll every day to see that face again! I wish I had recorded her but I didn’t know she was going to be heart-meltingly adorable! As we were taking the doll out of the package she was saying “I’m smiling because I got a Baby Alive! Look at my face, I’m smiling because I’m so happy!” Like omg she knows how to melt her mama! 

Needless today a bath was in order to try out the new doll and I don’t think she ever wanted to get out! She named the doll Genevieve (believe it or not she came up with that on her own - it’s in one of the YouTube videos she loves, but still I was surprised to hear her say it haha)!

I just love watching that girl’s imagination blossom. She is truly amazing and I wish I could have a camera on her 24-7 to capture all the hilarious, ingenious, and mind-blowing things she comes up with!

We got both girls to bed (how do people handle more than 2 kids??) and now Brian and I are relaxing with milk and cookies and watching our favorite comedian, Sebastian Meniscalco, on Netflix. Welp just kidding Georgia is crying now. That was a nice 4 minutes together... 

I wanted to snap a pic to include in this post and we both saw it and said “I look tired” and that pretty much sums up life right now! Goodnight! 

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  1. Read this to our girls this morning! Aves was excited to relive getting her new baby alive! I asked Aves what she wanted to say to mamma and she said real loud (hope it didn't wake you up) THANK YOU MOMMA!