Pumpkin Carving, Teething?, and Mom Guilt

Well Georgia didn’t go to bed until after 9 last night so writing a blog post just wasn’t in the cards after that. Yesterday was a great day though so I still want to have a post for it, so here we are! 

In the morning Brian watched both girls while I had some kid-free time with my momma. We’ve been able to do this a few times and it is so wonderful! I enjoy the break and even though I see my mom nearly every day we always have the girls so we can’t really talk, so the quality time just us is so special. 

After lunch with the fam Avery went down for a nap and Georgia woke up from hers, some days their naps align but others it seems like they’re never up at the same time the whole day, which means no break for mama. The night before I was up with Georgia at 2, 4, and 5AM so I was exhausted. Even though I had had a break all morning I could hardly keep my eyes open so Brian watched G while Avery napped and I actually napped too! I can count the number of naps I’ve taken since Georgie was born on one hand so I know my body needed the rest since I was actually able to fall asleep!

Once we were all up from our naps we carved the pumpkin we got at the pumpkin patch! Really Avery and Brian did the work while Georgia and I watched, though we all took turns touching the pumpkin gunk and seeds inside! Hello sensory activity! 

The pumpkin turned out so cute and Avery had so much fun! She said let’s go back to the pumpkin patch and get another pumpkin to carve! 

Lately the evenings have been super hard. Avery has her routine down pat and isn’t a problem at all other than the fact that one parent has to do the routine with her of course. Georgia’s routine on the other hand is ever changing. I feel like I can’t find anything that really works well for her and it’s a lot of back and forth of crying and feeding and carrying on every night and it really takes a toll on me. By the time she is finally set it is usually after 9PM, and then I still like to finally have some free time, shower, watch some Netflix, and so I usually don’t get to sleep until 11 or 11:30, despite the fact that I know I have to be up to feed Georgia again around 2AM. 

I’m wondering if she’s starting to teethe. Yesterday she had her little tongue going all day long. It was so cute but I think she might be feeling changes and her bottom teeth may be starting to make moves. Who knows!


Anyways, all that to say that by the time I’m done with mom duties in the evenings I am so beyond ready for a break. But on this particular day I had already had two big breaks (morning with my mom + a nap) but I was still dying for a break. 

Enter mom guilt. What is it with mom guilt? I was dying for a break but at the same time feeling so guilty. My husband had already done so much solo parenting so I could rest throughout the day yet I needed more time. I feel like I need a whole weekend to myself to feel fully refreshed, and I just don’t see that happening any time soon (or ever). Any other moms out there feel mom guilt and then feel guilty for feeling guilty?

Ah, the joys of motherhood. Georgia actually ended up having a really good night sleep-wise so I’m feeling much better today! Here’s to hoping for another good night!

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  1. You're rockin the mom life babe! So proud of you and all that work is shaping such sweet, kind, smart, beautiful, wonderful girls! I love you so much!