College Wrap-Up

Well you guys, its over.  I am officially done with college and that is insane!

lilly pulitzer hot spot dress graduation cap

I can't really believe it, like am I even old enough to be a college graduate? Sadly yes, but that is besides the point - there is just no way five years have gone by that fast!  One thing for I know for sure though is that I could not have made it through without this guy!

university of florida graduation engagement

Things I'll miss: daytime naps, sleeping in, spring break, summer break, Christmas break

Things I won't miss: studying, tests, homework, and most of all - group projects!  Who's with me on that last one?  If you're not then you are one of two people, either 1) you have never worked in a group or 2) you are that group member who does nothing and still gets an A thanks to me ;)

Somehow I still don't think it has sunk in that I'm not going back after the summer, I am starting a full time job, not just another internship, I'll see the other interns come and go and I will stay.  Maybe then it will hit me.  I'm not really sure.

graduation, the swamp, university of florida

It's the end of a major chapter in my life but the start of the most exciting one!  I'm starting my full time job soon, getting married at the end of the year, maybe that's why I'm not at all sad college is over - because the future is just too exciting!

Are you graduating high school or college this year?  How do you feel about it?  Has it hit you yet?

Oh yeah, one more thing I'm excited for: more time for blogging and Etsy!  With no homework or studying hanging over my head all my free time is going to this.  So get ready because it's gonna be awesome :D


  1. The idea of the future has always been incredibly daunting to me, so I can't imagine the position you're in! I really do wish you the best of luck and can't wait to follow your life after college, through your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Carly! It was definitely daunting but now that everything is all planned I'm just excited!