Night Time Skin Care Routine

Today I am going to share my night time skin care routine!  I like to change it up quite often but this is what I am doing for now!  Hope you enjoy :)

First I take off my eye makeup.  I got the cheapest eye makeup remover at Walmart and kind of regret it - this stuff doesn't do much for mascara.  It takes it off eventually, but it isn't easy.  Let me know if you have any recommendations on something better!

Next up - shower time!  I love my hexagon chevron shower curtain and towel from Target!  The bright colors and bold pattern help distract my eyes from the hideous pink tile that is my dorm bathroom - yuck.  I like to shower at night even though most days I also shower after working out in the morning.  I somehow sleep better with wet hair and I also despise washing my face in the sink because I never fail to end up soaked any ways, so I just keep it simple and take a shower!

My all time favorite face wash is this Simple foaming cleanser.  It actually leaves your face feeling soft and not dry or tight.  Plus it last forever!  I don't use it every single day, but then again some days I use it twice, but I have had it for soooo long.  I honestly can not remember buying it, it just never gets used up!  Will definitely repurchase - if the bottle ever gets empty!

My body wash is from Bath and Body Works and it is the stress relief eucalyptus and spearmint scent.  Perfect for a college student!  It is so relaxing and makes my skin feel so smooth.

Finally is my Clarisonic Mia 2!  I use this twice a week and it keeps my skin feeling great!  You really feel like your skin is cleaned down to the pores after using this.  I have the cashmere brush head on there and it is crazy soft!  My simple face wash is perfect for use with this brush.

I forgot to take a picture of my shampoo, it isn't really skin care, but in case you care (hey that rhymes!) then here it is!  Somehow it really make my hair feel thicker!  I got these larger bottles at Target, but you can get them on Amazon as well (much cheaper to buy at Target).

When I get out of the shower I will sometimes use this Simple facial toner.  I don't use it every day because I don't feel my skin needs that.  When I do use it though it is so refreshing!  I used to be afraid of toners because I thought they were really harsh - and maybe some are, but not this one!  It makes your skin feel really clean without feeling dried out.  Hard to describe it, but it's really nice.

Finally time for the best part!  Moisturizer!!  I NEVER used to spend money on moisturizers but after watching so much YouTube had to give this one a try.  Origins Night-A-Mins!  This stuff smells like oranges and feels like butter!  Your skin will feel so full of life when you wake up from a night with this on.  I got mine during the holidays so it was a little less expensive and it seems like it will last me all year, at least!  A little goes a very long way with this stuff.

Well that's it for now!  Let me know if I should share my morning skin routine in the comments.  And let me know what your favorite products are!

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XO ~ Katie


  1. Oh Can I just tell you something?! I so adore your blog and your style of writing. Simple and to the point. I have one questions. I have heard a lot about Clarisonic but refrained from buying it mainly because if seemed way too expensive for student like me. Would you recommend any other brand that exfoliates quite as well as this one? (And hopefully not burn a hole in my pocket!)

    1. Thank you so much! I thought the same thing about the Clarisonic but my parents got it for me for Christmas. But before that I had the Olay face brush which I found the best price for on Amazon. I think you'd like it too :)