Brand Rep Reveal

All I can say is wow.  Just wow!  I am soooo happy I decided to do brand reps again!  I have gotten so many amazing responses and amazing ladies who think my brand is special enough.  You have no idea what that means to me!  A huge thank you and cyber hug to everyone who applied and was so super sweet!

That being said, this was the hardest decision ever!  I wish I could just let everyone be a brand rep for me but since this a one woman show over here I just don't think I could handle that many.  Last time I had three brand reps and this time I just had to pick six.  I'm a little nervous to have so many but I absolutely could not decide!

The lovely ladies I have chosen are:

Allison  (@Allisonceleste_)
Rebecca  (@just.beccause)
Lily  (@mdpreppy)
Mikkaela  (@PastHopingFor)
Tif  (@brightonabudget)
Emily  (@breezingthrough)

Congrats girls!  I just can not wait to start working with each of you!  Please send me a DM on Instagram with your email address.  Click here to review the details of what being a brand rep entails.

Now, if you were not selected this time please don't be upset!  It was a very tough decision and I will select new brand reps again in the future.  Also, if I don't hear from someone I did pick, I will contact one of my next choices, so you never know.  

As a thank you to all of you, use code FRIENDS10 in the shop for 10% off!  

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie

*The brand rep program can be discontinued or changed at any time.  Anyone who deliberately tries to scam the program will be excluded from it.  The program is meant to help build a community around Sugar Spice and Sparkle not for individuals to just get free stuff.

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  1. YAY, thank you so much for this opportunity!! I am so excited to work with you!!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster