Sugar Spice and Sparkle Brand Reps

Did you know Sugar Spice and Sparkle is more than just a blog?  We're an Etsy shop too!  If you love this blog then you will love the store - everything is preppy and monogrammed and sparkly!!

I have decided to once again accept applications for brand representatives!  The main point of the brand reps is to promote my products however I want to build a brand community so promoting anything from the blog to the shop is amazing!  If you love this blog and my Etsy shop and want to share them with your friends, then you should apply!

If that is all you need to know then simply fill out the form here.  Want a little more info? Read on!

In the past Sugar Spice and Sparkle had a few girls as brand reps.  I really enjoyed having other people involved in my shop and getting the brand out there.  Because of that I have decided to do it again!  But a little differently this time...

Previously I accepted applications from interested participants and selected three from that.  It was really hard to pick and I don't want to have to do that again!  So this time I will be accepting a lot more, the number will depend on how many great applicants I get!!  Who's excited?!?

What will you do as a brand rep?  Help promote Sugar Spice and Sparkle!  You can do this however you'd like: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Word of Mouth - totally up to you.  Each brand rep will receive a special coupon code to share.  Just make sure the people you refer know your coupon code so that 1) they get a discount and 2) you get credit for their purchase.

Everything will be based off of a point system and each point you earn can be redeemed for merchandise.

Point System:
+1 point - Re-post a picture from @sugarspiceandsparkle on Instagram*
+3 points - Post a personal picture with Sugar Spice and Sparkle products on Instagram*
+5 points - Include Sugar Spice and Sparkle in a blog post**
Your coupon code is used on Etsy:
+1 point for each dollar spent (not including shipping costs)

Continue to check back here for more ways to earn - I plan to have specials where you may be able to earn double points for things or new ways to earn.

I will keep track of everyone's points and you will be able to view them on the Brand Rep page(coming soon) of my blog.  When you are ready to redeem, just fill out the form(also coming soon) on the Brand Rep page.  The following point system will also be on the Brand Rep page for your reference.

  5 points   - Coupon code for 30% off! (One time use)
 25 points  - Key Fob or Hair Bow (excludes Lilly Pulitzer)
 35 points  - Lilly Pulitzer Key Fob or Hair Bow
 50 points  - Monogrammed Hair Bow (excludes Lilly Pulitzer)
 60 points  - Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Hair Bow
 85 points  - Monogrammed Makeup Bag (excludes Lilly Pulitzer)
 95 points  - Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Makeup Bag
200 points - Bow of the Month Subscription

See something else in the shop you're interested in?  Email me and I will let you know how many points you'd need :)

Once you use points they are deducted from your total, so if you have 50 and get a key fob, you will drop down and have 25 points remaining.

Please leave any questions in the comments below!!

-Application Closed- Ready to apply now? Click here!  Brand reps will begin work in May.

*Must tag @sugarspiceandsparkle to get credit. Re-posted and personal pictures can only be used once. You can take as many personal product pictures as you want of any given product however they must be unique to get credit for them.  Can only do each once a day (no posting 50 pictures in a day just to rack up points).
**If you write a blog post you must email me the link so I can verify that Sugar Spice and Sparkle is included to earn your points.

*The brand rep program can be discontinued or changed at any time.  Anyone who deliberately tries to scam the program will be excluded from it.  The program is meant to help build a community around Sugar Spice and Sparkle not for individuals to just get free stuff.