How To Be Productive As A Stay At Home Mom

As a stay at home mom and blogger I consider myself a work from home mom (WFHM?). I'm often asked how I manage posting daily to social media, working with brands, and running my blog all with a little one in tow. Clearly I don't do it alone - my mom is a huge help and watches Avery for me often, I also have an extremely supportive husband who will let me attend events, work on posts, take calls, etc. whenever he's home and able to assist. But in an industry that is on 24/7 all the help in the world isn't going to eliminate the times where I have the baby and need to get something done.

So all that to say, I want to share a few tips on how I juggle it all. These can be applied to anything you want to get done when you have kids (or really even if you don't) - from cleaning the house to going to the playground.

It really all boils down to one word - intention. If I'm not intentional about getting something done, it just isn't going to happen. Before kids I was a little more 'fly by the seat of my pants' and everything always seemed to work itself out. Well with little miss in tow that just doesn't happen anymore. If I don't have a plan in my head the night before about what the next day will look like, we end up staying in PJs all day and playing around the house (nothing wrong with that, it just gets old after a while and the reality of life is sometimes things have to get done!).

A few tips that go along with that:
- Write it down - having a planner is great but not always manageable, a simple note in your phone or good ole fashioned notebook by your bed is so helpful to jot down the things that must get done the next day.

- Persist - you might recall that this is my word of the year for 2019. When you have a baby there are so many things that come up in a day that aren't planned. Baby is fussy for no apparent reason, naps just aren't happening, unexpected blow outs that result in outfit changes for the both of ya! You have to persist through all of that stuff and stay laser focused on what it is you wanted to do.

- Don't stop - this is a very anti-self-care tip, but depending on the importance of the things on your list (re: laundry and dishes do not get to count as important!) sometimes resting just isn't a choice. There are some days where I get to watch Netflix during nap time, and there are some days where I know I can't let myself even look at the couch. I can't stop or it will never get done!

- Take a break - to counter that point, be intentional with breaks! Plan a day where you have nothing planned. Allow yourself to mentally rest and just have a fun day for once. Burn out can be a hard hole to dig yourself out of so you're better off allowing yourself to never even go there by resting.

What helps you get things checked off your to-do list? It's an uphill battle but just know you're not alone in it! Ask for help when you need it and give yourself lots and lots of grace, you deserve it!

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