Disney Cruise | Cozumel Beach Break Excursion Review

Welcome back to my Disney Cruise blog posts! I didn't mean to have such a gap between the last one and this one, but hey that's life! But I'm excited to jump back in and share some more about our amazing trip with you!

If you haven't read my post on the first half of the cruise, check it out here. This post is going to focus on our day in Cozumel, Mexico! We originally were not going to do any excursions because with two babies we just though staying on the ship would be easier. Don't ask me how but we ended up browsing through the available excursions and decided to go for it, and *spoiler alert* we were so glad we did!

We decided on the 'Cozumel Beach Break' excursion because it wasn't too expensive and babies under 2 are free. Brian and I realized that we actually had been to the beach resort on our honeymoon cruise! We didn't have a ton of time there that day but remembered that it was a nice place.

The excursion left the ship at 8AM, not a problem when little ones are involved! We had to walk a fair distance to get to the bus and didn't bring strollers, which we were ultimately glad because there was an escalator and flight of stairs so a stroller would have been more trouble than it's worth. Just know you'll be carrying baby for a little while so don't bring too much gear along!

The bus ride was not too long and the bus was nice - clean and air conditioned! When we got to the day park it had just opened and we were one of the first busses to arrive. We headed straight for the kid's area and we had it to ourselves for a while! The kid's area was great! It was a shallow pool with lots of slides and water fountains everywhere. While the water was a bit cold for the adults, the kids had a blast! I'll share some videos on my Instagram stories.

My swim suit ($25!) // Sandals (on sale!) // Avery's hat // Avery's shoes // Avery's swim (similar, similarsimilar)

As part of the excursion price you get access to the buffet and open bar. Even though it was only about 10AM, we indulged in both - ha! After round one of food and drink we moved from the kiddie area to the beach. They have servers to bring you drinks on the beach and music playing. There are also two pools, one by the kiddie area and one on the beach. We didn't realize until later but they have a couple small cabanas you can rent for $30! Totally would have grabbed one if we saw the price sooner!

The excursion was 4 hours at the beach park which was the perfect amount of time for us. Before we had to get back on the bus we stopped at the coffee shop there for some free wi-fi, another perk of this place!
Jumpsuit // Dress (similar, similar)

Once we got back on the ship and babies napped we had some more fun on board and then another delicious dinner! Such a great day, I am ready for another cruise ASAP!

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