Castaway Cay with Babies

If you've ever been on a Disney Cruise you know the best day of all is Castaway Cay day! Castaway Cay is Disney's private island which is actual paradise. Although our day on the beach was not quite as long as I would have liked thanks to two little tots, it was still my favorite day of the cruise (as always) and I am more than ready to return!

The best part about Castaway Cay with kids is that you can utilize their free strollers and wagons on the island! This made getting around so. much. easier. I think the kids loved it too! We got off the tram at the first stop and all the available strollers and wagons were just a few steps away. They are first come, first served so get off the ship early to make sure you get one. Trust me, you'll want to get off the ship early regardless!

Thanks to our trusty wagon we were able to walk down a little further than the rest of the crowd to get our spot on the beach in a less crowded area. Since we were on one of Disney's smaller ships, the Magic, it really wasn't crowded on Castaway at all. We had a whole section of the beach to ourselves the whole time we were there! 

There is a BBQ lunch buffet on the island so you don't need to get back on the ship for food. They have so many delicious things to eat and they even had high chairs in the dining areas which was super helpful. Of course Disney makes it so easy to cruise with babies. I was so worried that it would be difficult to go on a cruise with Avery so young but honestly it couldn't have been better! Everything we needed was always available and we had a surprisingly relaxing time given that we were traveling with two one year olds!

There really isn't much else to this post except some more pictures of that gorgeous blue water! Take me back!! Oh yeah, and scroll all the way to the end for a surprise - I'm giving away an Amazon gift card! 

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