Taylor Swift 1989

I was listening to this CD today for probably the 1000th time and I decided I needed to talk to you all about it!  I'm assuming most (if not all) of you are pretty familiar with it but if not just click on the picture below to snag a copy!

When the album was first announced I was HIGHLY skeptical.  I mean RED was already a pop album in my opinion and I just love the country Taylor.  I was worried I would no longer love my favorite artist, the girl I grew up with, whose songs had always been a perfect parallel to my life!  So many of Taylor's songs bring me back to driving to high school, or starting college, or going through some tough times.  Who's with me on that?

So when I first got my hands on 1989, on the day it was released naturally, I was SO relieved.  I LOVED every song.  I knew every lyric in record time and had the CD on repeat in my car!

My BFF, Amanda, and I swore we would keep up our tradition of going to a concert together even if we didn't like the new stuff.  Well luckily we did like it and we are lucky enough to be going to see her on Halloween this year! Can. not. wait!

Going to do a quick run down on the songs:
1. Welcome to New York - not my favorite but I'll listen to it if I'm in the mood.
2. Blank Space - best song ever can not get enough I never get tired of it or the music video! <3
3. Style - hate the video like the song
4. Out of the Woods - super catchy but I have to be in the mood for it
5. All You Had to do Was Stay - love this one!
6. Shake It Off - this WILL be played at my wedding reception. nuff said
7. I Wish You Would - this song has the coolest vibe
8. Bad Blood - like this one and the music video has so much girl power - love it
9. Wildest Dreams - this one is ok, I do like the dreamy sound it has
10. How You Get the Girl - yaaasss boys take note ;)
11. This Love - this one instantly calms me
12. I Know Places - my guy likes this one a lot, I do too!
13. Clean - so relaxing and cool
14. Wonderland - I bet this one will be cool in her concert
15. You Are in Love - this one makes me cry, so sweet!
16. New Romantics - *cue car dancing* 
17. - 19. These are the memos off her phone apparently - they are cool to listen to once to hear her song writing process and get a behind the scenes of sorts.  I pretty much always skip them now though, you only need to hear that so many times.

Which one is your favorite?  If you can possibly decide!  I would probably pick Blank Space if I had to but luckily I don't!  I get them all :)

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie


  1. LOVE New Romantics! XO



    1. You can't not dance to it, right?! Thanks Anna!

  2. OBSESSED with Bad Blood! Love the Kendrick Lamar version even better!


    1. Yes! Me too! I love to hear it on the radio :) Thanks Ashley!